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Sunday, January 25, 2009

UD Masterpieces, now even more short printier

The 2008 UD Masterpieces Baseball set is made up of 90 Base cards and 30 SP's. The SP's range from long ago retired, Musial, to not retired and in his Prime El Puljob. I have no problem with the selection of the individuals, what raises my ire is the possibility that some SP's are mor SP than other SP's. Here is what I mean.

I have now opened 11 boxes of Masterpieces Baseball. I acquired them from two sellers at various times. I average 6 SP's a box meaning I have around 66 of them and I still don't have a complete set. At last count I am missing 3-4. We know that they are SP's but are they all produced in the same quantity? I have my suspicions because I have 5 or so Clementes and no Carew. I have 1 Ripken and 3 Reggies. It's possible that the cards just fall that way in the box or as I as well as many have discovered, there are collation issues in some boxes.

Something like this is not out of the question. UD, Topps, and DLP have done this with sets for a while, but the cards are serial numbered. For example, in the 06-07 UD SPA Case I opened, there is a subset of non auto rookies that are /199. What a pain. Why, why would you do that? None of the rookies are worth a damn, so what's the point? In Masterpieces, the cards are not numbered so I have no idea what the production numbers are. Anyway, if UD did SP some of the SP's, that would be a crappy thing to do.

Its not quite as bad as the Favre lawnmower cards, the 2007 Topps Baseball SP variations and the like, but its still crappy.

Just went back and looked. I need Jack Morris, Rod Carew, and Tom Seaver.


dayf said...

Which ones do you need? I have Ryan, Gibson, Murray, Seaver and Bench. I think I might have a double of Spahn is I look around.

mmosley said...

Dayf has got the seaver. I have the other two, not doubles but I need more SPs so I am willing to help you out if I can reduce my list too.


let me know.

stevenljudd said...

All of the short prints were printed in equal quantities.

stusigpi said...

Thanks Steven.

Covered in Wrappers said...

We opened a case of Masterpieces and only pulled 2 Pujols, and 2 Jeter cards. There were other SP's that we had 5 or 6 of, so you are right there.

I definitely have the Jack Morris and may have the other you need also if you want to trade, shoot me an e-mail.