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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Challenge

To go to Dave and Adams, Blowout or Big T, and post in my comment section what you would buy with $850.

The limitations: No 2009 Topps, still a waste, No 2009 Heritage, still a waste. The boxes must be 2003-present and can be any combination of Hockey, Baseball, Football or Basketball.

The person with the best list (purely my opinion) will win a prize from the sport they choose.


Mosley, Houston, Aardvark and Shipler. Your stuff is going out today. I know I'm a bit late with Mosley's stuff, but I'm lazy.

2007-08 Fleer Ultra Basketball Box 1 of 3

Interesting box. Details found here

As you can see from the link, these are configured at 5 packs/15 cards/1 hit per pack. I paid $35 for the each box. Essentially $7 a hit if that's what you're after. Which I am.

I have wanted to bust a few of these for a while. The 1 hit per pack intrigues me even though I know that most of the hits are junk. I was pleasently surprised with these boxes for a number of reasons.

The Base set: I received no doubles in any of the boxes. Quality control was good. These cards are glossy and tend to show damage. The packs are kind of stuffed into the box with a foam bottom so I was expecting some damage. The base set is nice, but looks like every other Ultra set in the last decade or so.

The Rookies: You get one Rookie Premier per pack. Rodney Stuckey, not bad.
The other card is a Marbury Platinum Medallion /25.

The Lucky 13 and Legendary 13: These are each one per box, so these are nice to collect because you do have to chase them. Plus any time you get a David Robinson, its a good day.

The hits: Basically you get 1 auto per box and four jerseys. Patches are 2 per case.
The Kareem was in the very first pack I opened. Awesome.
These are numbered, out of how many? It doesn't matter.
With these sets, the company tends to think up as many set themes as they can. Ultra is no different.
The Auto /50

Even if you are a set collector these boxes are a decent value. You would easily spend $35 on a box of cards. Here you get around 60 toward the set per box which is the same as what you would get in a normal box, the photography is good, the collation was good and I got that awesome Kareem Jersey. Can't beat that. You get 5 hits, some are junk, but I have paid a lot more for boxes and gotten much worse hits. No idea what this stuff cost at retail. I bet it was a lot but at this price I might consider opening a few more boxes.


MLB HD just in time for the season. Awesome. Dare I pay Comcast a compliment? I think I pay them enough already.

Friday, February 27, 2009

2009 Upper Deck X

Beckett Blog has blurb about 09 UD X

I'm sure that all of you have read it by now, and I only have one comment. Ok 2. Looks like UD used the Wash Rinse Repeat instructions and did anyone notice that the Xponential set now goes from x all the may to X^6? Six different versions. Yuck. Not really sure what the point of that is. Of course there are 9 or so framed parallels from Masterpieces, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Taking a bath - Don't forget the soap

Razor Oval Office

I'll just state my bias. Razor is the equivalent of Impel or one of those other loser sets from the early 90's. Razor just has more Autos. Don't get me wrong, Brian Grey, the owner, has made a ton of cash and is obviously more business savy than I; but I hate Razor products. I have yet to see one that I like or, of greater concern to Razor, one that I would spend any of my money on. Razor can dismiss me if they like, but how many collectors like me with budgets like mine does it take to make a product?

Here is the Blowout Razor Oval Office Tracker. Sure I have bought many boxes that yield 50% or less of the purchase price, but at least there is some sort of collectibility with the stuff I buy. Oval Office on the other hand is nothing but gambling. Way to get an offer that is 1/5 of your $2500. Actually, don't these run a bit more than that. Yummy, another big steamy pile.

2009 Topps Heritage Hate Mail

I noticed a spike in my traffic and decided to check it out. Seems that my little post caught the ire of The Collectors Universe Forum.

A poster that goes by the handle MatthewBSchultz83 had the following to say:

More Hating on 09 Topps Heritage that refrences this thread!! What a tool.

To which Knopfler said:

I have no problem with someone not liking a certain set, but if he writes a sports card blog and has never heard of Fausto Carmona, he must not be into modern cards/current day baseball.

and Matthew circle jerks him back as says:

He's right he just doesn't get it, its about building the set. Taking us back to our childhoods, when packs of cards were less than $1, you got 15 cards and a stick of gum. You're right though Knopfler, he must live in a cave if he's never heard of Carmona.

First, really? You're banging on me because I made a comment about not knowing who Fausto fucking Carmona is? Really? Let's take a look at his stats. The man is 28-25 with a 4.19 ERA. Lest we not forget last year's 8-7 5.44 ERA performance. That might be enough to get you into a Donruss Banner Season insert set, but he is still a shit pitcher on a mediocre team. Sorry, I didn't know about a crap pitcher. Actually I had heard of the guy, regardless, if that's the auto I am going to pull, no thanks. The card was also considered a 'big hit"

Second, The set takes you back to your childhood when packs of cards were less than $1? Yeah jerkwad, these cards are $3 a pack. Plus, you have 75, yeah, 75 Sp's to try and get. The breaks on these boxes have been horrific. Troll around the Forums and you will see a Brooks Robinson "seat" card, 4 chromes and a vg+ buy back. That is considered a pretty good box. Really? How many boxes is it going to take you to complete a set? The only thing Heritage takes, is the money from your bank account and puts it into Topps bank account ya big ass. By the way, for the cost of less than 4 boxes, you can have a set with SP's. So keep dropping $75 a box on these and good luck building that set. At least masterpieces only has 30 sp's and they can be had for 1/2 a box of Heritage.

Here is a case break for you:

Case 1 of 3 stats:

Autographs 1 (redemption)
Game Used 12 (1 double)
Black Chrome 1
Chrome Refractor 12
Chome 52
Short Prints 97 58 different 39 doubles
Base set 1 2nd set short 1 card 3rd set short 3 cards
Master set no
New Age 20 missing 3
Then & Now 19 complete
Flashbacks 43
Baseball 20 complete
News 23 complete
Variations ?
Buybacks 6
Ad Panels 12 all different
Damaged cards 26 smashed corners

Notice the case left this guy 17 SP's short.

So keep pulling your Fausto Carmona autos and yelling mojo as you see that BV is $20 but you can't get more than $3 on Ebay for it. Wait, who doesn't get it?

update See auctions to buy Master sets here, here, here, here, oh and here, me too boss, and me, Don't forget me boss.

Trademark me?

The other day I got a hit from the US Patent Office. The google search that led them to my site was "joe collector". I wonder is someone is trying to trademark the name? I'm thinking no.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Blaster Challenge - UD Heroes Football and Masterpieces Hockey

Bay Rat North West and Paulsrandomstuff helpfully pointed out that Kmart may have the marked down Walmart Blasters. I decided to swing by and see for myself. Indeed Kmart had many many 2008 blasters that appear to be from Walmart, including Heroes Baseball and Football, SP Authentic, and Masterpieces Hockey. Hell I'll even tell you how much they have them for. The Heroes were marked from $15 to $7.50 and the Masterpieces were $19.99 marked to $10.99. The SP Authentic were also 10.99 after markdown.

Then I thought of a, at the time, brilliant idea. Since I had busted a box of Heroes Football and so many Masterpieces Boxes that I'm surprised UD doesn't bring them back just for me, I thought it would be interesting to compare the "value" of buying blasters versus the value of a hobby box. The one box of Heroes football hobby I bought cost me $43 and can routinely be had for $65. It was a pretty good box.

So I picked up 6 blasters of Heroes Football that, before markdown, would have run me damn near $90, but after markdown cost me $45 or so. No contest, the hobby box was far and away better. In the 6 Blasters I got 1 Lendale White Jersey card and 2 numbered Parallels. Really? Yeah. That's just crappy. Let's see 2 autos and 2 jerseys on average or 1 jersey and 2 parallels. Even if you are a set collector, the hobby boxes are a much better value. Heroes Blaster Odds: None on Box

On to the Masterpieces Hockey. Hobby boxes can be had for $64 at Big T but often run as much as $80. I bought 3 at 10.99 thus $33. At retail, the total would have been $60. Although I have not personally opened a hobby box of the Hockey, again there is no way the blaster can come close. The Hobby boxes have 4 hits, sometimes 4 autos sometimes 3, but I think the average is 2 autos and 2 jerseys plus a butt load of parallels. Regardless, my 3 Blasters yielded 3 brown border framed parallels, no jerseys or autos. I will concede that good hits can be had in blasters but me thinks the odd are outrageous. Blaster Odds for Masterpieces: Framed Parallel 1:9, Jersey 1:24, Auto 1:240, Dear God .

Don't buy blasters if the equivalent hobby boxes have 2-3 hits and you can have a hobby box for the cost of 4-6 blasters or less. I suppose the exception would be 2008 Stadium Club Baseball, although the retail boxes are much more reasonably priced.

Basically, much like the Hot Pack article I wrote, I have wasted my money to bring you the news.

2 boxes 2000-01 Upper Deck Sp Authentic Basketball The Second

This is my second swing at two boxes of these.

Some of these older boxes are a ton of fun to open because they are cheap, you know you are going to get on card autos, and some of the potential pulls are outrageous.

The Base Set: Nothing exciting here. Condition is good, but doubles everywhere.

The Rookies: I got one in one box and two in another. These are /200o. The only player of note is Pryz.

The inserts: These really are nice cards, but there are too many of these sets. It seems that Upper Deck included only true stars.

The Autos: Last two boxes I got 3 autos including a Platinum /200. Pretty happy with the O'Neal, Austin here haunts my pulls of basketball boxes past. On card is nice.
O'Neal may be seen as a bust by some, but this guy has had a solid career. The Pacers were pretty good during these years, but were stopped by the Lakers in the Finals and lost to some good teams after making it deep in the playoffs.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage

Wow, this set is well awful. See the scans here. Check out my response to Collectors universe douchebag.

I just don't "get it". These run $80 a box, the relics are horrible. Don't get me wrong, I would love to pull red ink autos of Fausto Carmona whoever the hell he is.

Really? $80 a box for bland ass relics, autos of people I have never heard of, buy back cards that are vg+ or Ex. Gee thanks Topps. Of course the people on this thread think its the best steamy pile ever. At least the chromes are nice.

There just aren't any rookies to drive this product because of the way the prospect sets are done now. Baseball is by far my favorite sport, but I hope the BB card market absolutely collapses so it gets a fresh start.

2008 Topps Mayo Football Box 2 of 2

Box 2 of 2.

Check out my Awesome First Box.

This is actually the first box I opened, even then I was pretty happy with mayo overall. I just like the cards.

The Base Set: Again, collation was fantastic with no doubles what so ever. In fact, I only had 31 doubles from one box to the next. I am going to get 5-10 more boxes over the next 4-5 months and see where I am with completing a set. One comment on the SP's is that it would be nice if the SP's were numbered consecutively instead of scattered throughout the set. Quality control was good too with only a couple minor nicks throughout the box.

The Mini's: I am going back and forth on completing a set of these. I have bought a few lots on ebay but the task seems a bit daunting. I may just buy a retail case to finish it as that seems to be the best way to go about completing the set both full size and mini.

I got two blue Yale:

I got one orange Princeton (it is Princeton right?):

One Red Harvard /25. It would be interesting to see what the print run on the Orange is because they fall one per box like the Harvard do.

The Jerseys, yup no auto:


Again, pretty happy with the box. I would suggest you wait till these hit $40-$50 before buying because you can buy whatever singles you would like and they are cheap compared to boxes. Maybe try retail, based on the case breaks I have seen the hits fall at a rate of 1/2 as often as the hobby, but are just as good for minis and SP's.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hey Kittle, WTF?

Check out the Article Here.

Kittle spits out such gems as:
"My first thought was: 'I wonder who's going to be the first one to shoot him,'" said Kittle.


But Kittle told the Tribune that Canseco broke one of the cardinal rules that what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room.

"There is a sign in just about every clubhouse: 'What you see here, what you say here, let it stay here when you leave here,'" he said.

So is Kittle saying that Canseco should have kept his mouth shut or is this typical reporting where the writer has decided to opportunistically snip quotes? It appears that Kittle is saying that. Personally I am glad that Canseco spoke up. Typical Dick Cheney defense. Sure Canseco was a cheater and used roids, but that fact doesn't change the truth that AROD amongst others are cheaters and suck.

I am somewhat willing to give Kittle the benefit of the doubt because of my past experience with the media, yes, direct experience. I am saving a big "fuck you" for Ron if he did mean that Canseco shouldn't have said anything.

Walmart and Blasters

Ever since I wasted $15 on a blaster of Icons, I haven't even come close to buying a blaster of any kind. Tonight while I was in Wally World I took a look at the card section knowing that the 09's are out or about to be out. There were Topps Factory sets all the way back to 2007. Many, many 2008 blasters.

Here's the problem, all of the Blasters were still priced at MSRP. Does Walmart ever mark these down? Most sets you can buy a hobby box for the cost of three blasters. Do you really get a hobby box worth out of 3 blasters? Especially with sets that have SP's, is it worth it?

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball Box 5 of 8 - Case Hit

Box 5 of 8

The Base Set: 90 Cards, takes 3 boxes to complete.

The Green Parallel: Getting closer to finishing by the day.
Perhaps one of the best cards ever made.

Reddish Parallel: David Ortiz

Blue Parallel: Dice-K /75. Pretty Psyched about this.

The Jerseys: Galvine and Smoltz Hell Yeah, oh and um Halladay

The Auto: Zimmerman.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Topps and Upper Deck Switch to Sportscards to Order

An email I got from Balenac and Abram Sport Collectibles

Dear Customers,

We would like to take the time to thank all our customers who have supported our business by buying and pre-ordering product from us. We understand that the recent economic conditions has made it hard for everyone to buy and collect sports cards. We know very well that money is a little tight in these economic conditions, that is why we are grateful for your business and we are thankful for your support.

Due to the difficult market conditions in the sports card industry, Topps and UD have decided to produce Sports Cards to order. This decision was made to help maintain the product value after the product is released on the market. The products that have released in the last 2 months have been produced to orders and are holding their value on the secondary market and everyone is looking for more. As a result, products like Radiance BSKT, topps series 1, Topps UFC, spx baseball, ultimate collection bb, heritage bb, etc.., have held their value, and have risen in price because of the high demand. If you enjoy collecting a certain sport, and/or collect a certain brand every year, we suggest that you order ahead. As always, we do advice to buy a product that you love or enjoy to collect. Please order ahead so we can give you the best prices on pre-orders.

Again, thank you for buying and ordering from us, hope we can continue to serve you in the near future.

So what does this mean? Are Topps and UD only producing up to the amount of their preorders? If the above is true, then why did Topps do what they did with Mayo? The sell sheet changed significantly to release yet I am pretty sure the pre orders were there.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football Box 6 of 6

I have 6 of 6 in the title, but there will probably be more. I just can't get enough of this stuff.

The Base Set: I long ago made a base set, I still have a few painted rookies and Time Warps to get.

The Painted Rookies: Matt Ryan and Mendenhall

The Time Warp: Eli looks a bit funky in this pic. His face seems a bit fat.

The Framed Parallels:
I have more Mannings and Kevin Smiths than I know what to do with.

My Booty is all Red:
Wow that was terrible and I sincerely appologize.

The bronze, brown, whatever they are.

The Jerseys:
Bowe and Dorsey

The Auto:
Jason Campbell
This guy shows flashes of brilliance and then lloks terrible at times.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Real Men of Genius - Mr. Way Overpriced Wax Guy

If someone has already done this, I appologize, I'm not trying to steal your idea.

Real men of genius
Today we salute you Mr. Way Over Priced Wax guy
Mr. Way over priced wax guy
There are online dealers that sell wax for half the price
As long as there are people that can't work a computer
You will be in business
Don't forget Internet outages
Your prices are so high I can buy two online for the price of your one
I took a picture of your price tag to memorialize your greatness
Add another another zero
Within $20 of MSRP?
Please, you might as well be a sports card charity
Maxin out my credit card
So add another $10 to that price Mr. Way Over Priced Wax Guy
In fact feel free to add another $20 right in front of the customer
Mr. Way Priced Wax Guy

Off Topic - This Girl is Hot

Maybe its because its Sunday and there is no football on. Maybe its because I have been watching the NCIS marathon on USA all day, but Pauley Perrette is hot. Scoff if you will, but something tells me that not only does she have a Betty Paige thing working, but she is a ton of fun. If she isnt a ton of fun she is the exact opposite and not fun at all. I think maybe its that I have been watching the NCIS marathon all day.


I finally joined the cardboard connection thing today and on the front page was this group buy thing. Hopefully the link works. Anyway, there is a list of prices included in the post. The one thing that sticks out at me is the $115 for the prime cuts, which I'm sure is a typo.

The first paragraph touts the "lowest possible prices". Really? Really?

UD X at $65 is the lowest possible price? Really? Dude, boxes are $43 on ebay, and I can get them for much less.

08 Masterpieces Baseball at $70. Really? Try $40 at Blowout right now.

I want to know who the 12 people are that are in for this group buy that are also paying $10 for shipping when you get free shipping from Blowout, DA and and host of others out there.

Here's to you Gemtradingcards, Mr. Way Overpriced Wax Guy Desguising himself as "Lowest Possible Price Guy". Dick.

2007-08 Upper Deck Basketball Retail Box 2 Break

This is the second free box that I got for free from DA Cardworld for my Last Order.

Again, the collation was excellent on its own, but as you can see, the star rookies were doubles fromt he last box:

The inserts really run together, but I did get a local guy, Aaron Brooks:

My gold card was a Big Baby:

The Jersey: From a collector and Laker fan perspective, this is great

That's what high end stuff does to us, it makes us not appreciate nice cards. I would have been over the moon with the Bynum jersey 8 years ago, now many consider this a junk hit.

Overall, this is a really nice set albeit weighed down with far too many inserts. I guess that's why I like masterpieces is that the inserts all have a common theme whereas here it seems that upper deck created as many different designs and inserts as they could and put them in the packs. If UD only produced 3-5 sets a year, i would definitly build it. Again, Steve from the Sports Card file states that with licensing fees, it is impossible to only produce that many setts. That tells me that the the NBA and the Players Association flat charges too much. That is true with all sports. I realize that the leagues and players are just trying to make as much money as they can, but they are killing their revenue source. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Card Shop Review: Heaven Sent, Tualatin, OR

The thing about Oregon's geography is that we have 7 or so towns of note and of those 5 are on I-5. As part of my job I often head up the freeway to the Portland "area" to conduct hearings which gives me an opportunity to check things out. I have also been looking for BCW 3.5 MM top loaders that comfortably fit those pesky Donruss, Topps and UD patch cards. Donruss claims their cards are 94pt. Lies all lies I tell you. Anyway, tired of buying the slightly too big 130 pt ultra pro loaders at 5 per pack 2.50 a pack, I thought I would search for the BCW's. I used my handy dandy Iphone to locate Heaven Sent Sports Cards located at 7014 Sw Nyberg St, Tualatin, OR 97062. The shop was located very near where I was headed so I stopped by.

The parking was nearly impossible in the front. Having never been there before, I had no idea of the plethora of parking in the back. Apparently I was not the only one as people were lined up for parking in the front, with no one in the back. I noticed a small sign to alert me to the parking in rear.

When I strode, yup strode, to the front of the shop, I noticed it was very deep with things everywhere.

This shop has everything including just about every type of supply out there. In addition there is a wall of wax with an excellent selection. Although not apparent from the pics, it is very well organized with clearly marked boxes of commons and such. It is a bit overwhelming when you first enter.
I asked permission to take the pics and told the owner I would be doing a blog post about it. He seemed a bit oblivious to the online community.
There is also quite a selection of non-card items.

Here is the issue with this shop. The wax is super expensive. I noticed a box of 2008 baseball heroes with a tag of $100+. These go for $53 when on sale at Blowout. I picked up my 5 boxes for $45 a box. Granted you can't get that price every day. The owner and I talked about the difference in online prices versus his own. He said that he had no idea, while knowing the cost of wax, how the online sellers could possibly sell wax for the price that they do. He told me that he doesn't even try to compete on wax price. That led me to a thought of how this guy stays in business given his high overhead. This shop is located in a pretty nice area and rent must be atrocious. I suppose I can't fault the guy then, but $115 for a hobby box of 2008 Leaf Rookies and Stars Football is just silly. If I remember correctly he had $100+ of Football Heroes too.

In comparison, the Shop that Stole Christmas sells 3 row shoeboxes for 3.50, Heaven sent charged $4.95. The 120pt or 3.5 MM toploaders were 3.95 which was still less than two packs of the 5 ct UP 130pt loaders.

If you need a hard to find item this shop is for you, just be prepared to pay for it. I would reccommend that you avoid wax at this shop because it is just too expensive. I have yet to be in a shop where wax was competitive with the exception of the Springfield Sports Cards located at145 n 5th St in Springfield, OR. If you recall I paid $90 for a box of Sports Legends when on ebay they ran $70.

Heaven sent is a nice shop and I'm not trying to bash the guy for his prices because he is trying to make a living, but to buy wax there you have to really want to support him or have no idea of online pricing.

2005 Topps Finest Football Box 6 of 6

We have now come to the end of the 2005 Finest Football boxes, until I buy some more. These are a ton of fun to open because you have 3 shots at a killer auto. I'm not saying I did well with this box. I'm just saying it was filled with awesomeness. I didn't buy any boxes of 2005 product, and didn't buy any Finest of any kind until a few months ago. That's not true, I accidently bought a box of 98-99 Finest Basketball. When I say accidently, I mean accidently. I thought it was two boxes. One 97 and one 98 finest baseball. Yup, I'm an idiot. Anyway, the nice thing about buying product that is almost 4 years old is that you know who the rookies are that have panned out and those that have as many minutes as me.

The Topper:

The White Refractors:

The White Xfractors:
I hate Brady, but don't mind getting a card like this.

The Blue:

Green and Blue Xfractor:

The Autos: I think they speak for themselves
Merriman and Jacobs Xfractor.

Friday, February 20, 2009

2005 Topps Finest Football Box 5 of 6

Box 5

The Topper:
They make an auto version of these /1. That would be sweeeeet.

The White Refractors:

The Blue:

The Green and Black: I think with a little work, these guys could turn into decent defensive players:

The Autos:
That Sproliosis is acting up again. Yeah 2 Sproles in 4 boxes. Noice.