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Saturday, February 14, 2009

2005 Topps Finest Football Box Break Review Box 3 of 6

I paid 53 shipped for these boxes. Finest is a lot of fun to open because of the refractors and the possibility of some kick ass auto. In 2005, there were not nearly the refractors per box as the new stuff. The only newer product that has this few refractors are the 07/08 Finest Basketball.

I have covered the base set before. The collation here is very good. Topps does put more effort into their Finest products than others. Quality control is good, the cards are very tough and hold up well. No dinged corners or off center cards here.

The Box Topper:

Base refractors:

Dig the Joey Harrington (local guy) and the Bettis xfractor

The Shockey Xfractor is nice. If the Cardinals were smart and wanted to make a huge SB run next year. They would pick up Shockey, resign Boldin, Ray Lewis, and Suggs. I think they have 40 million to play with. I would trade a few Drafts picks to get shockey, the others are Free Agents.

The Autos: I think my Sproliosis is acting up.
Settle down, thats a Timmy Chang Gold Refractor auto. He is pimpin is up in the CFL. Wiki has the following to say:

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL acquired the negotiating rights to Chang in a February 12, 2007 trade with the Edmonton Eskimos. Chang signed with Hamilton on March 13, 2007. During the 2007 season, he started two of 18 games played, completing 42 of 89 pass attempts for 467 yards, one touchdown, and seven interceptions. Chang played in his first regular season game on June 30, 2007 against the Calgary Stampeders when he replaced the struggling Jason Maas towards the end of the fourth quarter, completing his first career CFL pass, a 51-yard pass to Jesse Lumsden, overall finishing 4 of 7 for 86 yards. He threw his first career CFL touchdown on July 14 during the Ticats 29-20 loss to Montreal, a 71-yard pass to Brock Ralph.

So there you have it. I'm not sure if Sproliosis is contagious, but it may be chronic.

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Captain Canuck said...

I saw that game wher Timmy Chang got his first action... I think it'll take some time for him to learn the CFL game. It's NOTHING like college or NFL.