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Saturday, February 28, 2009

2007-08 Fleer Ultra Basketball Box 1 of 3

Interesting box. Details found here

As you can see from the link, these are configured at 5 packs/15 cards/1 hit per pack. I paid $35 for the each box. Essentially $7 a hit if that's what you're after. Which I am.

I have wanted to bust a few of these for a while. The 1 hit per pack intrigues me even though I know that most of the hits are junk. I was pleasently surprised with these boxes for a number of reasons.

The Base set: I received no doubles in any of the boxes. Quality control was good. These cards are glossy and tend to show damage. The packs are kind of stuffed into the box with a foam bottom so I was expecting some damage. The base set is nice, but looks like every other Ultra set in the last decade or so.

The Rookies: You get one Rookie Premier per pack. Rodney Stuckey, not bad.
The other card is a Marbury Platinum Medallion /25.

The Lucky 13 and Legendary 13: These are each one per box, so these are nice to collect because you do have to chase them. Plus any time you get a David Robinson, its a good day.

The hits: Basically you get 1 auto per box and four jerseys. Patches are 2 per case.
The Kareem was in the very first pack I opened. Awesome.
These are numbered, out of how many? It doesn't matter.
With these sets, the company tends to think up as many set themes as they can. Ultra is no different.
The Auto /50

Even if you are a set collector these boxes are a decent value. You would easily spend $35 on a box of cards. Here you get around 60 toward the set per box which is the same as what you would get in a normal box, the photography is good, the collation was good and I got that awesome Kareem Jersey. Can't beat that. You get 5 hits, some are junk, but I have paid a lot more for boxes and gotten much worse hits. No idea what this stuff cost at retail. I bet it was a lot but at this price I might consider opening a few more boxes.

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