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Monday, February 16, 2009

2007-08 Upper Deck Basketball Retail Box 1 Break

This is one of the free boxes I got from DA for my last order.

The base set: Upper Deck has been, in my opinion, doing a better job on the their base set well base set than any of their other products. I hate the techno base cards where the player is against some odd background. I like seeing the player in their natural habitat. I got the double Kobe's in the same pack.

Collation was good. The Kobe was the only double I got. I think I can live with that. I didn't receive any damaged base cards that I can recall. Although the high gloss finish keeps you on edge because it shouw every little dent and ding.

Star Rookies: These fall 1:6 packs. Not too bad. Takes forever to build a set although I am sure that lots of these are cheap with a capital cheap on the bay.

Inserts: More inserts than you can shake a stick at.
The gold inserts are 1 per box. Unless that Bobcats predictor is predicting them to not win the championship, I don't think its going to net me anything.

The Jersey Card: Ok, you get one worthless jersey per box. Again, anyone that buys retail for the hits is just dumb. Retail is for collecting and set building only.
But what's that by his head?
I don't know if someone was eating a sammich when these cards were being packed out or what. I did the mom trick of licking my finger and getting the funk off it.

Not a bad box, you can pick these up on DA for cheap.

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