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Saturday, February 14, 2009

2007/08 Fleer Ultra Hockey Redemption

My free gift from DAcardworld for my january purchase was a box of 2007/08 Fleer Ultra Hockey Retail box. I didn't post the break because I really didn't get anything exciting except for a redemption card. The odds were 1:72 packs or 1:3 boxes. The redemption card didn't say what player.

Anyway, the card showed up today:


Upper Deck has been pretty good in getting me my redemptions in a timely fashion with the exception of my Icons Kurt Russell redemptions. Only one is an auto, so not sure the issue.

Topps has not done a good job with their redemptions. I redeemed many cards a few months back and have got nothing.

The funny thing is that I prefer redemptions for high end cards because there isn't a condition issue with them. Nothing like getting a decent hit and then noticing the chipping, the dinged corner, the scrape etc. All of the redemption cards I have received have been in nrmt or better condition.

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