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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2008 Topps Mayo Football Box 1 of 2

So I decided to not make you wait for the good Box. I paid 135 for two boxes. This is the second box I opened. here is a list of the SPs.

The Base Set: Ok, Someone has to say it. I love, love, love this set. I shall purchase many boxes and build a set. The collation was good, not one double. Quality control was excellent. These cards are black bordered, but they do not have a glossy finish so the dents and dings do not show up. After the crap that is Bowman and their black borders and the 2007 Topps Football crap, Topps Mayo is a welcome relief. The cards seem to have the equivelant of a satin finish. Its certainly not matte. I didn't sort out the SP's because I just didn't want to spend the time before I got my other box sorted. I plan on buying a case or two worth of these boxes. For the record there are 40 SP's, which is about 10-20 too many.

Inserts: Each pack has a superbowl card. If there is a relic or auto, there is no superbowl card. These are quite cool because it beats the heck out of the blanks that are normally put in, or all that filler crap that topps throws into their other packs. I didn't get any doubles of these either. They are twice the thickness of a regular card.

Mini's: The mini cards are 1 per pack. They are just smaller versions of the regular cards. There are also variations with Y, P or H. The H cards are /25 and fall one per box. There are also horse and ship minis that depict famous horses and ships. Whatever.

The hits: The very first pack I opened of this box had this.
not the case hit. The plate is contained in a little plastic frame. Unlike most plates, you can't see the picture in the plate.

The second to last pack had:
DeSean Jackson played well this year and may have a bright future. I was pretty happy with this auto even though it is a redemption. I was surprised as I had already gotten two other hits.
not the case hit

One of the middle packs had a card that was a bit of a shock.
This is an A relic that is 1:1200 packs if I read the box and pack right. That is 1:50 boxes. I think it qualifies as a case hit.

I was really happy with this box. I like the base cards a lot. The minis are going to be very difficult to build a set, but I will give it the old college try. Some of you might disagree with me on this box, but compared to what I have seen others pull, I can't complain.


Captain Canuck said...

some sweet cards, and a nice case hit. Straight to ebay if it was mine. It would help pay for me trying to complete the set.

I was gonna buy a bunch of this... but I'm waiting for the price to go down more. With the huge S+H ebayers insist on to Canada, I have to wait a bit.

stusigpi said...

I thought about it. The card goes for around $40 on the bay, but it is such a tough pull that I think its cool to have it in my collection. Its tough for me to let cards like this go.

As I said before. I can order a bunch of boxes for you and then ship them to you. Shipping for me would probably be a lot less than you paying for it from DA or Blowout. I get free shipping from DA so it wouldn't cost any extra to ship them here first.

RWH said...

Nice to some kind words about this set. I don't collect football, but the base cards look pretty sharp and I'm a sucker for minis.

Groat said...

I also REALLY like the old-timey look of the set. While it seems like most of the jersey cards are ugly, I really like the autos. Plus, it's got a decent-sized set and some famous non-sports figures in there as well. I'm hoping that the price comes down a bit, but until then I'm happy with buying the odd pack or two. That strategy has gotten me a couple nice cards so far.

Groat said...

I took a look at the SP list on topps.com today. That statue of liberty card is SP'ed to 50 copies.