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Monday, February 16, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Ultimate Football

Um no. Gellman found a break of 08 Ultimate Football over at the Blowout forums. There are some nice cards to be had for sure.

Here's the thing. These boxes are going to drop like a rock after the initial surge. A few auctions here, here and here have ended in the high $60's and prices at DA and Blowout run in the 80's. Lets make no mistake, these cards are not bought for the base card, they are bought for the hits. Duh. I know, ground breaking statement on my part.

The problem is that unless you get a Flacco, Ryan, Slaton, or Forte, you aren't even close. If you miss, you might end up with a $50-$60 loss on your hands.

Call me when these are $30-$40 a box. I'll expect to hear from you in June


Captain Canuck said...

count me in for the June break...

Gellman said...

Yeah, I would never break this, although I like the look of the cards.

stusigpi said...

The cards are nice. I have trouble reconciling a product like this with SP authentic. SP Authentic doesnt cost all that much more than ultimate at retail yet it seems that the cost of packaging, producing base cards etc would make SPA much more expensive. I wouldn't mind 3 SPA quality hits minus the base cards for $85.