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Friday, February 27, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Hate Mail

I noticed a spike in my traffic and decided to check it out. Seems that my little post caught the ire of The Collectors Universe Forum.

A poster that goes by the handle MatthewBSchultz83 had the following to say:

More Hating on 09 Topps Heritage that refrences this thread!! What a tool.

To which Knopfler said:

I have no problem with someone not liking a certain set, but if he writes a sports card blog and has never heard of Fausto Carmona, he must not be into modern cards/current day baseball.

and Matthew circle jerks him back as says:

He's right he just doesn't get it, its about building the set. Taking us back to our childhoods, when packs of cards were less than $1, you got 15 cards and a stick of gum. You're right though Knopfler, he must live in a cave if he's never heard of Carmona.

First, really? You're banging on me because I made a comment about not knowing who Fausto fucking Carmona is? Really? Let's take a look at his stats. The man is 28-25 with a 4.19 ERA. Lest we not forget last year's 8-7 5.44 ERA performance. That might be enough to get you into a Donruss Banner Season insert set, but he is still a shit pitcher on a mediocre team. Sorry, I didn't know about a crap pitcher. Actually I had heard of the guy, regardless, if that's the auto I am going to pull, no thanks. The card was also considered a 'big hit"

Second, The set takes you back to your childhood when packs of cards were less than $1? Yeah jerkwad, these cards are $3 a pack. Plus, you have 75, yeah, 75 Sp's to try and get. The breaks on these boxes have been horrific. Troll around the Forums and you will see a Brooks Robinson "seat" card, 4 chromes and a vg+ buy back. That is considered a pretty good box. Really? How many boxes is it going to take you to complete a set? The only thing Heritage takes, is the money from your bank account and puts it into Topps bank account ya big ass. By the way, for the cost of less than 4 boxes, you can have a set with SP's. So keep dropping $75 a box on these and good luck building that set. At least masterpieces only has 30 sp's and they can be had for 1/2 a box of Heritage.

Here is a case break for you:

Case 1 of 3 stats:

Autographs 1 (redemption)
Game Used 12 (1 double)
Black Chrome 1
Chrome Refractor 12
Chome 52
Short Prints 97 58 different 39 doubles
Base set 1 2nd set short 1 card 3rd set short 3 cards
Master set no
New Age 20 missing 3
Then & Now 19 complete
Flashbacks 43
Baseball 20 complete
News 23 complete
Variations ?
Buybacks 6
Ad Panels 12 all different
Damaged cards 26 smashed corners

Notice the case left this guy 17 SP's short.

So keep pulling your Fausto Carmona autos and yelling mojo as you see that BV is $20 but you can't get more than $3 on Ebay for it. Wait, who doesn't get it?

update See auctions to buy Master sets here, here, here, here, oh and here, me too boss, and me, Don't forget me boss.


Anonymous said...

Yea sorry, I'm with you. I really don't know who that guy is either so when I saw that break, I thought it was a bust too.

tastelikedirt said...

After your post, I must of had Fausto Carmona on the mind, 'cuz I recognized him right away when ESPN listed him on the top 3 pitchers "On the decline".

Nice pull, watch that red ink fade before your very eyes.

Chris S said...

Great post

Motherscratcher said...

You can remember Carmona as the guy who was pitching for the Indians in the 2007 division series against the Yankees when the bugs came out. Joba was the Yankee pitcher. Carmona was awesome that night. I love Carmona.

That being said, I don't have the first clue why anyone other than an Indian's fan would be excited by pulling his auto. If he is an example of a good pull, the product is crap...which I think may have been the point.

stusigpi said...


Captain Canuck said...

Give 'em hell Jeff!

Carl Crawford Cards said...

I quick Heritage 6 years ago for this same reason and have just bought the sets on ebay ever since. The price and the value don't line up like they did for the 2001 and 2002 sets.