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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Blaster Challenge - UD Heroes Football and Masterpieces Hockey

Bay Rat North West and Paulsrandomstuff helpfully pointed out that Kmart may have the marked down Walmart Blasters. I decided to swing by and see for myself. Indeed Kmart had many many 2008 blasters that appear to be from Walmart, including Heroes Baseball and Football, SP Authentic, and Masterpieces Hockey. Hell I'll even tell you how much they have them for. The Heroes were marked from $15 to $7.50 and the Masterpieces were $19.99 marked to $10.99. The SP Authentic were also 10.99 after markdown.

Then I thought of a, at the time, brilliant idea. Since I had busted a box of Heroes Football and so many Masterpieces Boxes that I'm surprised UD doesn't bring them back just for me, I thought it would be interesting to compare the "value" of buying blasters versus the value of a hobby box. The one box of Heroes football hobby I bought cost me $43 and can routinely be had for $65. It was a pretty good box.

So I picked up 6 blasters of Heroes Football that, before markdown, would have run me damn near $90, but after markdown cost me $45 or so. No contest, the hobby box was far and away better. In the 6 Blasters I got 1 Lendale White Jersey card and 2 numbered Parallels. Really? Yeah. That's just crappy. Let's see 2 autos and 2 jerseys on average or 1 jersey and 2 parallels. Even if you are a set collector, the hobby boxes are a much better value. Heroes Blaster Odds: None on Box

On to the Masterpieces Hockey. Hobby boxes can be had for $64 at Big T but often run as much as $80. I bought 3 at 10.99 thus $33. At retail, the total would have been $60. Although I have not personally opened a hobby box of the Hockey, again there is no way the blaster can come close. The Hobby boxes have 4 hits, sometimes 4 autos sometimes 3, but I think the average is 2 autos and 2 jerseys plus a butt load of parallels. Regardless, my 3 Blasters yielded 3 brown border framed parallels, no jerseys or autos. I will concede that good hits can be had in blasters but me thinks the odd are outrageous. Blaster Odds for Masterpieces: Framed Parallel 1:9, Jersey 1:24, Auto 1:240, Dear God .

Don't buy blasters if the equivalent hobby boxes have 2-3 hits and you can have a hobby box for the cost of 4-6 blasters or less. I suppose the exception would be 2008 Stadium Club Baseball, although the retail boxes are much more reasonably priced.

Basically, much like the Hot Pack article I wrote, I have wasted my money to bring you the news.


Captain Canuck said...

I never really understood the blaster. They're $25 here and this year, they don't even tell you how many cards you're getting. 10 packs. 4 cards per? 6? 10? No hits. Compared to fat packs, or boxes, it's not even a comparitive value.

grant said...

hey Jeff, Beings your in salem are you familar with any reputable shops here in Portland? Or do you buy your boxes online? I'm just curious the shop here in Vancouver shut down and the closest shop to me is way overpriced and won't budge even if you by 3 or 4. and I've been guilty of buying blasters lately to get my fix when I know better! I'm just getting my feet wet again in the hobby and am already starting to remember 1984! Grant old school pack buster

stusigpi said...


If you are a set builder, the fat packs are a much better deal.


I buy my boxes cheap on eBay, when I can get them. I buy all other stuff on da cardworld. No shop I have been in to comes close.