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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Building hard to complete sets

I'm not talking about sets from the 50s or anything like that. Those sets are just plain too expensive. I am talking about parallel sets or serial numbered sets.

I have decided to build the 2007 UD ultimate football set. Each card is /400. Each pack has one base card and each pack costs a fortune. I am counting on people buying these for the hits and then casting the base cards to the side. I think this will be a real challenge.

I am also knee deep in building the green parallel 07 masterpieces baseball set. So far I am at 58/90. The funny thing is that some of the cards I have four of. I haven't quite counted my 08 masterpieces black framed. I think I am close. The red parallel set is a bit farther away. These cards fall 1 or 2 per box.

The above brings me to another thought. The 2007 masterpieces set has the Dice-k, Lincecum, Miller rookies amongst others. Say you pull a Blue frame Dice-k /75. You pull the blue frame about 1 out of 2 boxes, thus these fall 1:180 or so boxes. My thought is, if you actually pull one of these and you are a collector like I am, is it worth selling it even if you can get top dollar for it? The chances of pulling another is very low indeed and Dice-K has done well so far.

The reason I am wrestling with this is because I have an offer for my 08 Finest Griffey Gold Refractor /50. It is a substantial offer. I will never pull one of these and Griffey is an easy HOF with no evidence he is a roider. He put on weight as he got older just like his dad. His numbers were good but never out of proportion with his limitless talent. He was exactly what we thought he would be. Injuries slowed him down. Anyway, I am inclined not to sell these cards because they are so damn hard to find. Nothing like the satisfaction of pulling a very tough card of a superstar. What say you?

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Thorzul said...

Ask yourself this:
Will the sale of the Griffey enable me to buy another card (or cards) I would like much more than the one I currently have?

But that's just the first half. If you answer "yes" to the first question, go to question two:

Would I have bought this much better card without the instance of the Griffey sale taking place?

If your answer to question two is "no," then sell the card and treat yourself to something else.

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