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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Challenge

To go to Dave and Adams, Blowout or Big T, and post in my comment section what you would buy with $850.

The limitations: No 2009 Topps, still a waste, No 2009 Heritage, still a waste. The boxes must be 2003-present and can be any combination of Hockey, Baseball, Football or Basketball.

The person with the best list (purely my opinion) will win a prize from the sport they choose.


SamDaMan said...

i think you should buy some 2007 ultimate baseball, 2007 sweet spot and sweet spot classic baseball, 2007 sp rookie edition baseball, and 2007 or 2008 sp authentic baseball.

Rod said...

Here is what I would buy,mainly stuff I never got any of. And I will come down to Salem and help you rip it all. All baseball boxes
09 UD USA Baseball
05 UD Baseball Heroes Tin
07 UD Sweet Spot
06 Flair
07 Masterpieces
07 Elements
07 Legendary Cuts
08 A&G
08 Finest
08 Ballpark Collection
08 Masterpieces
08 Ultimate Collection
and you still have $33 left for shipping.

stusigpi said...

Shippin' is always free.

mmosley said...

I could go high end but why go against who I am just because I have $850 to blow:

2008 A&G, Topps Chrome, Goudey, Masterpieces, Timelines

2007 A&G, Topps 52, Turkey Red, Elements, Goudey, Masterpieces, SP Legendary Cuts

2006 Turkey Red

2005 UD Origins

3 Packs of 2005 Turkey Red and 4 Packs of 2006 Bazooka

Grand Total $850 and a whole lot of wholesome fun.

Also, I would open every box with my brother, splitting the packs, then trading after each box. It's more fun that way!

dayf said...

I'd buy as many boxes of 2006 Allen & Ginter as I could get for $850 and start ripping. As soon as my set was complete, I'd sell off the rest and use the money to buy as much 2001 Heritage I could get.

Anonymous said...

How much fun would breaking all of this be?

2004 Playoff Honors (Awesome set!)
2007-2008 Chronology Basketball
2006 National Treasure Football
2007 Premier Baseball and
2007 Sweet Spot Classic Baseball

Good stuff man!

Fuji said...

Here's a smorgasbord of stuff if I had $850 to drop on boxes:

A. 08 Masterpieces Baseball Hobby Box $50 (Sweet Design)

B. 08 Masterpieces Football Hobby Box $60 (See Above)

C. 07/08 SPx Basketball Hobby Box $91 (I want a Durant autographed rookie.)

D. 07/08 Topps Letterman Basketball Hobby Box $165 (The FB version stinks, but this one is nice.)

E. 07 Topps TX Exclusives Football Hobby Box $85 (I think the autographed tickets are pretty neat. Too bad they're sticker autos.)

F. 06 Sweet Spot Football Hobby Box $44 (I've had really good luck with stuff and the on card/helmet autos are nice.)

G. 05/06 SP Signature Basketball Hobby Tin $52 x 2 = $104 (I'd need two of these... One for the C. Paul auto and the other for the D. Williams auto.)

H. 05 Ultimate Collection Football Hobby Box $229 (The Pack will be back again this year... I hope... and Rodgers is going to shine.)

I. 05/06 Beehive Hockey Hobby Box $64 (I've been in love with Beehive since Pinnacle opened my eyes to them in 97/98. Who wouldn't want an AO or Crosby signed Photo Graph card?)

J. 07 Bowman Baseball Hobby Pack $2 (It's the first $2 pack I came across and you can't go wrong with Bowman... at least when it comes to a $2 pack of baseball cards.)

Great question! I haven't searched around D&A in a long time. Now I'm thinking about actually picking up a few of these boxes.

Groat said...

Can't even decide what to spend your own money on, huh? I suppose I can make a list of my own. All these prices are from DA.

2 Boxes 2008 Playoff Absolute - $218
2 Boxes 2008 SPA - $234
1 Box 2007 Leaf Limited - $99
2 Boxes 2007 Sweet Spot football - ~$130
1 Box 2007/08 O-Pee-Chee Premier Hockey - $126

Oh, and of course you'd have to give me all of the Clinton Portis cards. I almost suggested a 'box' of ITG Ultimate Memorabilia, which is the craziest set ever (both in terms of cost and that people actually buy it.)

stusigpi said...


I busted a case of 07/08 SPX and didn't come within shouting distance of an Oden or a Durant.

Word verification bedophyl.

Fuji said...

See... That improves my odds of pulling the Durant in just 1 box :)

How do you think I was planning on pulling the Paul & Williams rookies in just 2 packs?

It's called karma... I've been patient for all of these years... this is my time to shine!

The Mojo Hand said...

1. 05 Bowman Draft. 180.00
2. 07 Donruss Elite EE 110.00
3. 08 Triple Threads Football 155.00
4. 03 Bowmans Best Baseball 380.00
5. 6 Packs of 08 Donruss Threads Football. 7 Packs for 25.00 at Dave and Adams walk in store in Tanawanda.
Thats a grand total of 850.00.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

2003 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball
2003 Absolute Memorabilia Baseball
2005-06 Upper Deck ICE Hockey
2005-06 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey
2006-07 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey
2005 Upper Deck Hall of Fame Tin
2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heros Tin