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Monday, February 9, 2009

Giving Mayo a Chance

I just picked up two boxes of Mayo for 134.99 shipped. We will see what happens.

The prices have been falling to the presell prices, around $75, it will be interesting to see how much lower they go. I think the supply of these will dry up toward the end of this year but may not see a price increase when this happens. Mayo may have to rely upon the base set and minis to drive sales i.e. Topps will have to pray that set collectors save it. One thing to keep in mind is that Topps has already made their money, the product is sold out.

Topps Murad Basketball arrives this week as well. Apparently Topps is making this a limited run as well but, as there seems to be few Basketball collectors out there, the limited print run might end up being just right.


Chris S said...

If you get any Tim Hightower I'd love to offer some trades/cash

darkship said...

I'm looking for the ships and the horses mini's if you get some of those as well!