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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Masterpieces Roundup

After 11 boxes of masterpieces and paying anywhere between $30 shipped and $48 shipped, Here is what I came up with. I was a little surprised how wildly the prices swung, but I wasn't surprised how low they went. I do think that prices will settle at $35-$40 a box because the only people that have cases of stuff are the major distributors and they are not going to take any more of a loss on this stuff. DA has boxes of 07 for $42 and I don't think there is much of a market for those. In other words, prices may have bottomed out because demand would be little if any higher at $35 a box then $40.

The autos:
Tom Gorzelanny
Mark Teahen
Joe Nathan
Moose Skowron
Glen Perkins
Geoff Jenkins
Edwin Encarnacion
Nick Swisher
Short N. Auto (Chicago AL)
Edwin Encarnocion II

The Jerseys:
Aramis Ramirez
Frank Thomas
Lance Berkman
Joe Mauer
Short A. Jersey (Chicago NL)
Kevin Youkilis
Lance Berkman
BJ Upton
Michael young

The Jersey/Auto:
Bill Hall

The Patches:
Mark Teixeira
Dan Uggla

Things were terrible with the autos. I only got 1 worthwhile, that would be you Moose. The two patches are really nice copies. Leave it to UD to give you a single color patch. UD came through this time. The jerseys are all single color and that is to be expected, thus the only reason to put them in the box is for people like me to try and build a set. Therefore there should be 2-3 in a box. That or 2 autos. That is why these go for 2/5 retail. I found value in trying to build a set a full set and a set of the framed parallels. I came up short due to poor collation all around. I was shorted an auto and a jersey and got bunches of doubles in box and from box to box that were in the same lot. Morris and Carew have eluded me. I would have liked to be somewhat close to a jersey set, but I am not because it takes eleventy billion boxes to come close.

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