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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Morrison to the Lakers

I have mentioned the guy in my office that is a huge Blazers fan. I told him at the beginning of the seasong that the Blazers might want to pick up Adam Morrison. He scoffed, laughed, what have you. He said that Morrison hasn't done crap in his career.

I think he summed up the problem with many teams right there. How many Lottery picks have the Lakers had in the last 3 decades? How many Championships have they won. The same is true with the Spurs, Bulls, Pistons, Celts.

Teams like the Blazers wouldn't know talent if it dunked over them. Especially considering how many Lottery picks have worked out in the last three decades. Some have. LeBron for example.

The key to the Lakers' success is finding the diamond in the rough and polishing it. Time will tell if Morrison works out for the Lakers. The guy was awesome in college. He is a good pure shooter that got stuck on a crappy franchise.

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