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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Real Men of Genius - Mr. Way Overpriced Wax Guy

If someone has already done this, I appologize, I'm not trying to steal your idea.

Real men of genius
Today we salute you Mr. Way Over Priced Wax guy
Mr. Way over priced wax guy
There are online dealers that sell wax for half the price
As long as there are people that can't work a computer
You will be in business
Don't forget Internet outages
Your prices are so high I can buy two online for the price of your one
I took a picture of your price tag to memorialize your greatness
Add another another zero
Within $20 of MSRP?
Please, you might as well be a sports card charity
Maxin out my credit card
So add another $10 to that price Mr. Way Over Priced Wax Guy
In fact feel free to add another $20 right in front of the customer
Mr. Way Priced Wax Guy

1 comment:

Groat said...

I was opening a pack of Mayo last weekend while the guy was processing my credit card and pulled an Eddie Royal auto. He said he'd add 20 bucks for the hit. I hope he was kidding.