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Friday, February 27, 2009

Taking a bath - Don't forget the soap

Razor Oval Office

I'll just state my bias. Razor is the equivalent of Impel or one of those other loser sets from the early 90's. Razor just has more Autos. Don't get me wrong, Brian Grey, the owner, has made a ton of cash and is obviously more business savy than I; but I hate Razor products. I have yet to see one that I like or, of greater concern to Razor, one that I would spend any of my money on. Razor can dismiss me if they like, but how many collectors like me with budgets like mine does it take to make a product?

Here is the Blowout Razor Oval Office Tracker. Sure I have bought many boxes that yield 50% or less of the purchase price, but at least there is some sort of collectibility with the stuff I buy. Oval Office on the other hand is nothing but gambling. Way to get an offer that is 1/5 of your $2500. Actually, don't these run a bit more than that. Yummy, another big steamy pile.


Motherscratcher said...

Looks like the Van Buren Boys were able to scrounge together $810.

stusigpi said...

Hmm, they could have had damn near 4 hobby cases of Mayo, 3 cases of 2009 Topps Heritage, 24 boxes of Sp Authentic, 12 boxes of Prime Cuts, and god knows what else. Talk about a hit or miss product. Hell, they could have had 6 boxes of National Treasures.

Groat said...

Interesting part about this product is that since it's limited to 99 boxes, the price fluctuates wildly day to day depending on what is pulled. It's almost like the TV show deal or no deal, being that if all the crappy cards get pulled and there are still some nice cards left, the price goes up because you've got a higher chance at pulling the nice card.

I know that on the Freedom Card Board, they had 'investment' breaks where they got a bunch of people to chip in money to buy a box. Whatever comes out of the box is sold and the money is either distributed evenly between the investors or reinvested in another box. These guys single handedly opened like 8 boxes. I'm pretty sure they got hosed on their investments as well.

I'll agree though. No way I'd ever get razor products if they stay where they're at currently.