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Monday, February 9, 2009

Things that make me say hmm.

Previously I opened 2 boxes of 2000-01 UD Sp Authentic Basketball. The boxes were 35 each plus shipping. I got some decent cards, certainly nothing worse than what I get out of other boxes I break. Anyway, i picked up two more for 29.50 each. Obviously the draw is taking a shot at a kobe, MJ type auto. If I remember correctly, there are 2 autos per box. You get two of each insert.

My question is: Why do people spend 3-4 times as much on newer stuff when the big hits are the same? For me, the odds are better in the newer stuff. I can buy many more boxes of the older stuff just to take a shot. These are from the same seller as last time so I doubt I will get a case hit, if they had them 8 years ago.

That brings me to another issue. How often do shops/resellers open a case and bust boxes until they get the case hit and then sell the other boxes for whatever they can get on the bay. The funny thing is that in my experience it isnt worth it to do that. Here is why.

Take Masterpieces for example. A case hit from Masterpieces would be a jeter or a Ripken auto/patch. These auto/patches seem to go for $200, lets say $250. A case of Masterpieces ran $800 when they came out. If it takes you 4 boxes to find it, you have 12 left. 12*$50 = $600 + $250 for the case hit = $850. So a reseller made $50 off the deal and that would be best case scenario. Maybe resellers can find the case hit box and so they have 15 to sell, I don't know. My experience with Masterpieces was such that you probably couldm't use weight to guess the box because of the boxes with 2 jerseys instead of 1j/1a. Some boxes have 1 hit only.

Does this happen? Is it profitable to do so?


timrooks said...

Funny, I just assumed that eBay dealers all did this. I never buy anything off the Bay without expecting these kinds of shenanigans.
If it's an old wax pack, it's been searched. If it's an old wax box, it's been searched. If it's not sealed, it's been searched. If I cared about case hits, I'd buy a case or I'd do a group break. Or likely I'd just buy a case hit single and skip all the base set commons that I wouldn't want.

Fuji said...

wow... that's a good price on sp authentic... even if it's 2000/01.