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Friday, February 13, 2009

Thyne Book of Masterpieces Chapter 4 of 6,

On the first day, God said: Let there be Joe Collectors. The Lord then sent Joe Collector unto the land promising that he would provide for him.

The Lord Spake to Joe Collector: Beware of False Joe Collectors

Joe Collector questioned the Lord: But Lord, how will I know I have come upon a false Joe Collector? and the Lord Spake: My child, you will know you have encountered a False Joe Collector when upon meeting him he will post mail day videos on youtube, he will exclaim Mojo! at every worthless hit, he will know the "book value" of every card he sees. Finally, a False Joe Collector will forego sweet cards of his favorite player in the name of book value. You my child, collect for the fun of it, you complete sets or collect your favorite player or teams and appreciate the cards I provide you. Joe Collector then went upon the land.

On the Second Day, God said: Let there be Masterpieces and there were Masterpieces. They shall be painted on canvas. It was done and it was good.

On the Third Day, God said: Let there be Short Print Time Warp cards inserted one per box. Joe Collector again questioned the Lord. Lord, you have combined stars of today with legends and given them secondary market value. The Lord answered yes my child but beware of the siren call of book value and that it will take 10 boxes and 4 again to acquire them all.

On the Fourth Day, God Said: Let there be Short Printed Rookies inserted two per box. The Lord once again warned Joe Collector to beware as to complete this set would require 5 boxes and 4 again.

On the Fifth Day, God Said: Let there be multi colored framed parallels in different quantities: Joe Collector then questioned the Lord: Lord, may I complete these sets. Perhaps my child, I have created these to test your patience and wherewithall. You may complete the Black

and perhaps the red /199
but none of the others.
and the greatest play in Superbowl history
If you try, the greed will overcome you.

On the Sixth Day, God Said: Let there be single color jerseys for you to collect. The Lord warned Joe Collector, but do no collect these for profit. Your greatest challenge is to complete a set

On the Seventh Day, God Said: Let there be Patches /50. Beware my child, as not all the patches are different than the single color jerseys. I have blessed you with 3 colors:

On the Eight Day, God Said: Let there be Autos. Joe Collector once again questioned the Lord. "Lord, I have suffered greatly. I have opened boxes upon boxes of Masterpieces only to be saddled with useless autos of players that I do not care about." And the Lord spake: My child, I have tested you and you have passed. You kept faith in the Masterpieces when you had no reason to and you shall be rewarded. You shall appreciate this auto for eternity. Go forth my child, and rejoice:

and Joe Collector exclaimed: Yeah Boi!


Captain Canuck said...

freakin' Kurt auto! SWEEET!

AdamE said...

14 boxes. You must have ended up with some extra Marino's? If so would you part with them?

Grand Cards said...

Fantastic Post!

AdamE said...

After reading blogs for the last 6 months or so, there are a few posts that stick out to me. Posts with such thought and flow that they make me smile and envious at the same time. If I would make a list of best posts I have ever read this would be up there at the very top of the list. Thanks

dayf said...

Awesome post. I shall read this every sunday.

stusigpi said...

Im glad that everyone enjoyed the post.

Adam. I have only opened six and I haven't got any marinos of note that aren't going into my pc. If I get something in future boxes I will let you know.