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Monday, February 23, 2009

Topps and Upper Deck Switch to Sportscards to Order

An email I got from Balenac and Abram Sport Collectibles

Dear Customers,

We would like to take the time to thank all our customers who have supported our business by buying and pre-ordering product from us. We understand that the recent economic conditions has made it hard for everyone to buy and collect sports cards. We know very well that money is a little tight in these economic conditions, that is why we are grateful for your business and we are thankful for your support.

Due to the difficult market conditions in the sports card industry, Topps and UD have decided to produce Sports Cards to order. This decision was made to help maintain the product value after the product is released on the market. The products that have released in the last 2 months have been produced to orders and are holding their value on the secondary market and everyone is looking for more. As a result, products like Radiance BSKT, topps series 1, Topps UFC, spx baseball, ultimate collection bb, heritage bb, etc.., have held their value, and have risen in price because of the high demand. If you enjoy collecting a certain sport, and/or collect a certain brand every year, we suggest that you order ahead. As always, we do advice to buy a product that you love or enjoy to collect. Please order ahead so we can give you the best prices on pre-orders.

Again, thank you for buying and ordering from us, hope we can continue to serve you in the near future.

So what does this mean? Are Topps and UD only producing up to the amount of their preorders? If the above is true, then why did Topps do what they did with Mayo? The sell sheet changed significantly to release yet I am pretty sure the pre orders were there.


dayf said...

I was under the impression that Topps has always produced cards to order, but I might be wrong about that.

stusigpi said...

Honestly I don't have a clue. Steve from The Sports Card File can probably weigh in on this. I thought they did preorders + a certain percentage. Have you ever seen those cut cases? They are boxes of certain sheets that contain 6200 or so cards from that sheet. I am not sure how many of those cases they produced, but that's why no card from the 80's is at all rare or scarce. My understanding is there could be 50-100K of every topps card from 80-88 sitting in these cut cases in a various distributors storage facilities.

Captain Canuck said...

crap. this may not bode well for guys like me who wait for 2-3 years before buying wax because the price has dropped...