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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walmart and Blasters

Ever since I wasted $15 on a blaster of Icons, I haven't even come close to buying a blaster of any kind. Tonight while I was in Wally World I took a look at the card section knowing that the 09's are out or about to be out. There were Topps Factory sets all the way back to 2007. Many, many 2008 blasters.

Here's the problem, all of the Blasters were still priced at MSRP. Does Walmart ever mark these down? Most sets you can buy a hobby box for the cost of three blasters. Do you really get a hobby box worth out of 3 blasters? Especially with sets that have SP's, is it worth it?


Anonymous said...

Outside of K-Mart, I've never seen a big box retailer mark down baseball cards.

Unless you want a retail-exclusive bonus item or are focusing on the base set, blasters never make sense.

Sometimes they offer a better deal on base cards than hobby does, sometimes they don't. You'd have to compare the configurations of the product(s) you are interested in.

Bay Rat North West said...

I looked at K-Marts marked down boxes and they are from Wal-Mart. The barcodes are marked with Wal-Mart specific terms and the boxes are generally wrapped over the factory wrap. That seems to be how Wally World gets rid of excess boxes.