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Thursday, March 5, 2009

2007-08 Fleer Ultra Basketball Box 2 of 3

Box 2

See my last box Here.

I never seem to pull big base type cards. I never seem to get the big rookie. In my case of 07 Artifacts Football, I did get an AP but it was the /25 version (I know boo hoo for me) but I didn't get one of his regular cards.

Lets see what I get.

The Jerseys:
Any time you get The Glove, its a good pack. Local Oregon State guy.

The Patch: Two per case /25.
Not a bad card, small patch for how rare these are and the production numbers. What I mean is, its not like UD made billions of these cases like they do their flagship. SRP is pretty high so it seems the patches would be a bit more plentiful or a bit bigger. Pretty happy with it.

The Auto: One per Box
Who? The signature also looks like its wearing a bit.

And now, for the rest of the story. RIP Paul Harvey

The Lucky 13 rookies are one per box, so are the Legendary 13
My luck changed:
Kevin Durant, booyaa. As a special bonus I got two Stockton Legendary 13 cards and one:
Yup, Blank Back. Nothing special, but interesting. Apparently people have been pulling a lot of blank, front and back, 2009 Heritage cards.

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Chris S said...

I bought a 10$ junk box of packs, including 1 07/08 Ultra and was somehow lucky enough to pull the Durant Lucky 13. Great card I will definitely hold onto.