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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2007-08 Topps Finest Basketball Redemptions, 2008 Topps Finest Baseball Redemptions

2008 Topps Finest Baseball Redemptions

Consider this public service. Before I bought my 6 boxes of 2006-07 Topps Finest Basketball Boxes, I looked and looked for the expiration dates of the redemptions. I cam up empty. When the boxes arrived and I opened them, I realized the redemptions had expired. Because I usually show up in the first page or two of searches I thought I would put this post out there.

The 2008 Topps Finest Baseball Redemptions expire April 30, 2009. These are mail in only and not online redemptions. Topps must receive the redemption by this date or they are no good.

2007/08 Topps Finest Basketball Redemptions, 2007-08 Topps Finest Basketball Redemptions 2007-2008 Topps Finest Basketball Redemptions, 2007/2008 Topps Finest Basketball Redemptions

These expire June 30, 2009. They are online redemptions.


Pop Startled said...

Thanks for the heads up.

Also, just wondering, are you a dealer? How do you afford all your case breaks?

I've love to lead the life of a case-breakin' Joe Collector!

stusigpi said...

I am not a dealer but I am planning on opening a shop later this year.

I can afford the cases because I have a good job, no kids, cheap rent, and a wife that works and pays half the bills. To give you an idea, and I'm not bragging or trying to make it seem like I'm rich because I'm not, our monthly expenses rent, student loans, phone cable cars insurance food etc total monthly costs are 60% of our income. We have the same furniture as when we were in grad school.

In other words, we live cheaply so we can do the things we enjoy.
I have also changed my collecting focus. I pick "value" cases and no longer buy too many singles because I as getting killed on shipping. I think by busting a case or two a month I will actually spend less.

I try to find thebest deals I can. I paid 670 for the allen and ginter case and 645 for the murad. Understanding that is a ton of money and most people can't afford it, I paid a few hundred less than what those regularly go for so I don't spend as much as itmay appear.

That's the reason I am able to do the group break for the price I can. I paid 625 shipped for the case. Which is 20.83 per slot. After 1.50 paypal charge and 1.25 to ship the cards out and 1.00 for shipping supplies, I am breaking even on it plus or minus a few bucks. As you can see bargain hunting is a big part of it.

From here on out I will probably do one $800 max case a month as I want to travel more. I might have given you more explanation than you wanted. I have always wondered how people do multiple cases of ultimat or exquisite or pay retail for their cases. Seems that some people drop 3-5k a month. Way out of my league.

Although I should have bought mayo when it was 560 presell.

Pop Startled said...

Thanks for the thorough answer. I've always wanted to ask some of the bloggers how they afford their breaks (except for the payola for some of our favorite sites).

The only case I got was the first A&G, which I got from blowout. Since then, you're probably right that I've spent way too much for singles through the bay and on hobby box purchases at the local store.

That's great that you'll be opening a shop. Best of luck with the business.

I've got a great open-minded wife but I'm sure she'll be reticient if I start getting into the higher-end boxes/cases.

However, thinking about it, and referencing a Sports Cards Uncensored rant from a few days ago, I think prospecting might be the way to go. If I make that change, I'll just specifically target cases of Bowman or high upside cards.

To go back to your prices for the AG and Murad, in the past three months, I've spent almost 600-700 on various hobby boxes and blasters, so I understand your mindset. Do you average a case a month?

stusigpi said...

I've been all over the map. In September 08 I opened a case of 07 artifacts football, 07-08 spx basketball, and a case of 06-07 sp authentic basketball and a half case 06-07 finest basketball. Then I went to a hodgepodge of boxes for nov. Dec. Jan. and Feb. Now I'm back to cases.

Prospecting is a tough business given the money it takes and the potential losses. I used to do it on a smaller scale. I would buy up second year stars like 83 topps cal Ripken cards for $5 and was selling them for $30 when he got hot. Seems these days the cards are not cheap because of all of the hype and other prospectors. If it were me, I would look at cards of guys that were 18,19,20 in 200-2007 and start buying those up but only if they are $5-$10 for chrome, refr, and xfractor autos. Cheap auto lots are the best way to go in my opinion

Plus if you enjoy collecting, prospecting these days will suck it out. My darkhorse football picks are kevin smith, jamaal Charles, Jonathan stewart, chad henne and booty.

It's gotta be a patch and autod. Those guys did not much last year but have talent
I have no idea about baseball prospects these days.