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Monday, March 23, 2009

2008-09 Topps T-51 Murad Case

My case should arrive here shortly. 12 boxes/24 packs

Here is my comment on the prospects of a 2009 Topps Allen and Ginter Case:
I can say that I do see a case of 2009 in my future although I do hesitate because the big hits have to be worth it. When 3/4 of the rip cards have junk in them, that is not a product I will be to anxious to open.

In contrast, 2008-09 Treasury had 1 rip card per box, but they become the equivalent of a single color jersey hit if they all have a measly numbered mini in them. I was very happy with my Thome Rip Card that sported a Ryan Howard Red Ink Mini auto /10. It is still safely in Jim Thome's warm embrace.

Murad caught my attention with a hobby case run of 599 and an awesome auto checklist. I will be dissappointed if I don't get 2-3 nice autos out of the case. I know there are retail cases out there, but we must remember that the insertion rate is lower and it is still a basketball product. I doubt Topps made that many retail cases. Mayo Football and Heritage Baseball seemed to have a much higher retail run and people have been getting some good pulls out of Mayo Retail including ryan autos and printing plates. I am actually considering 2 cases of Retail Mayo as they sell for the same as a hobby case. In addition, I will get twice the number of minis to build a set and close to the same number of hits overall.

If anyone wants a piece of a Mayo retail break or this Murad break, drop me a line. It would probably be structured as 30 spots. For every hit (parallel, auto, jersey, what have you) it would go to a spot. Each spot would be $20. Regular cards would not be part of the spot. Kind of odd, but allows you to get some good cards without messing with the base.


darkship said...

I bought a box of Murad and got some great stuff. I'd be interested in help finishing my set when you get the doubles

grant said...

A Mura break would be really fun. I'd be in! Grant