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Sunday, March 1, 2009

2008 Score Fooball Box 1 of 3

Ok, the 3 autos per box is the reason I bought these boxes, that and they are $45. Knowing that this is a DLP production, I expected parallels out the ying yang and the box "came through". This isnt the first box of these that I opened, so this break will not have as many cards featured as the next two. Basically I got tired of taking pics of the same cards over and over again.

The Base Set: The Collation was good as I didn't receive any doubles,, but quality control is crap. I received so many damaged cards that every time I got a decent one, I felt like I was walking on a curb waiting to fall off. I started to assume that every good card was damaged. Anyway, I have no intention of building a set of these as the design is essentially like every other DLP product out there.

Rookies: There are billions of rookies in this set. They come in auto and non auto versions as well as parallel and are all numbered differently.
Non auto parallel Forte /100. See the "Scoreboard" in the upper right hand corner? That is the parallel mark. These are hard to photograph because they are so shiny.
The Autos: Nothing Exciting

Red Hot Rookies: These average one per box. Kevin Smith

Parallels: Just like the base cards but generally have some sort of stamp in the upper right hand corner. Or just like Rosario, some are colored gold or red.

Inserts: Franchise/Future Franchise:

All in all, not bad. Same caveat as other boxes. Do not buy single packs of these because with all the inserts, parallels and autos, you are left with a mess. These sets have so much to collect that rather than buying a few packs, you might as well buy singles that you want. I might even hesitate to say buy a box of these. I think a few boxes of these are in order if you really want to collect them.

This box gets a meh on the scale of awesome.


Fuji said...

If you're on budget (like I am), then this stuff is awesome to break. I've busted 4 boxes of this stuff just because it's fun to see what autos and low #'d parallels might come out. My best ones so far are a gold C. Johnson & and gold R. Mendenhall.

Are you planning on building a base set of these? If so, maybe the two of us can help each other out. I have some doubles and still need a bunch to complete mine. Let me know.

-Fuji (idrinkcoke@aol.com)

Captain Canuck said...

I busted a box or two of these. I got some great pulls, and some crap... but all in all, a great break if you assign a value compared to $$$ spent.
And I'm in too if doubles start being swapped...