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Monday, March 23, 2009

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Box 4 of 12

Box 4

Slowly but surely the 2009 Finest case break is filling up. $24.50 a slot, Twofer $46

This box was blah and I would have been pissed if I would have dropped $55 on it and it alone. God forbid I would have paid MSRP for this. I can say that I do see a case of 2009 in my future although I do hesitate because the big hits have to be worth it. When 3/4 of the rip cards have junk in them, that is not a product I will be to anxious to open.

Two bland jerseys:

Case Update: This is box 4, the first 2 had 4 hits the next two had two. Very inconsistent on Topps' part. I was getting SP's at a rate of 12-13 a box.

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