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Friday, March 13, 2009

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Case - The Good Stuff

Ok, I won't keep you in suspense. Here is the good stuff.

I'll admit, I am an idiot sometimes. I opened this whole case and tossed the box loaders aside. I had no idea that these packs could contain autos and such. I had opened the entire case and looked over at the stack of loaders sitting beside me and picked up the last one I got out of a box. I decided to open it to see what the cards look like. Before I did, I looked on ebay and saw that packs were 12 for a buck or something.

As I opened the pack, I noticed the back of the card said "Congratulations":
Box Topper-Jo!!

Unfortunately I don't have any type of case to put it in, so I put it between two toploaders with some penny sleeves in between as well. There are 10 subjects. Pretty rare pull if there are 15 of each. 1:428 boxes.

The odds overall: n43 Relic 1:256, auto/relic 1:2565, Cabinet Auto 1:322

On to the Rip Cards.

The comments were 10-0 to rip the cards. Easy for everyone to say. Then I got to thinking. Whenever I get 2 or more of a case hit or something similar one is usually ok and the other one is somewhat awesome. So I ripped them thinking that one would be something good. I was, well, correct.


I think it is a Delmon Young mini.
The Thome

That is a Ryan Howard Red Ink auto. It is still in the card, so I don't know the numbering if any. Blowout's site says /10


Captain Canuck said...

nice stuff.

FanOfReds said...

I hope to pull one of those rip cards some day!

AdamE said...

Awesome Ortiz. Let me know if it end up on the bay. I also need a bunch of regular mini cards if you have some to part with.

IDK....3rd Base said...

SWEET RIP and Box Loader!!! I bought a box off of ebay in '07 and my box loader was an A-Rod auto.

Ross said...

Good stuff