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Monday, April 20, 2009

Filled - 2009 Baseball Finest Case Break CASE ORDERED

*******CASE HAS BEEN ORDERED**********

Releases on 4/22 - I have contacted the seller for shipping information as this product has gone live. I will let you know as soon as I get a reply.
Thanks to Mario at Wax Heaven for the plug

$25 a slot.
$48 for 2
30 slots

Here is how it would work. As the cards come out of the pack, front to back they are counted off until I reach 30. If you are in slot 1 you get the first card if you are in slot 2 you get the second and so on. Once I go through the list I start at the top and go through until all the cards are assigned. The list is re-randomized after the sixth pack. There are 8 boxes/12 packs/5 cards, thus there are 480 cards per case. That would be 16 cards per person.

There are 16 auto patches per case. Everyone is guaranteed cards. The packs will be all put into a big box and drawn randomly and opened in no particular order.

The product will be released on the 30th. Break will happen on the 6th 7th or 8th. I realize we are getting toward the end of the month. If you want to committ but pay on the 1st, just let me know. I will order when we get to 15 spots. The break will happen regardless of whether I am able to fill every spot. I will pick up the rest.

Find 2 Numbered Autograph Rookie Patch Cards per master box 10 Numbered Parallel Cards per box One 2009 Rookie redemption per box

Paypal to stusigpi@hotmail.com.

1. Box Busters (paid)
2. Motherscratcher (paid)
3. Captain Canuck (paid)
4. Charles - BlueJay cards (paid)
5. Zman40 (paid)
6. Dkrill (paid)
7. Pop startled aka chuck (paid)
8. Houstoncollector
9. Ghost of CS (paid)
10. Stats on the back (paid)
11. D rauer(paid)
12. Beardy(paid)
13. Grant - Old School Pack Breaker (paid)
14. thenennthinning (paid)
15. Shane - Shoebox Legends (paid)
16. Padrographs (Paid)
17. Steve K (paid)
18. Steve K (paid)
19. Groat (paid)
20. Bay Rat (paid)
21. North West (paid)
22. Bebla (paid)
23. Bebla (paid)
24. Offy (paid)
25. Arfmax (paid)
26. Beardy (Paid)
27. Motherscratcher (paid)
28. Roof God (paid)
29. Roof God (paid)
30. Tribe cards (paid)


Anonymous said...

We allowed to trade after the break? For example: Say I pull ... I dunno, a Patch letter of someone from the Yankees, and someone else pulls one of Hunter Pence, and they like the yankees. Can we trade, or would it be easier to do all that /after/ you ship to us?

grant said...

hey, This would be my first group oubreak do yuo think this is a good one for me to start with? I can pay today 15 slots right? I'm not familiar with the product so That's why I'm asking.It would be my only chance at this prduct bcuz of the price each participant get 16 cards? Just a few ?'S before I pay. Grant old school pack buster.

stusigpi said...


There are 30 slots, and I was going to order when we got to 15 of them filled.

Of course I think this is a good break because I want people to buy in, but I think its a good break overall. Its less than the cost of a mini box and you have a good shot and getting a patch and a redemption. You will get some refractors as well.

Most group breaks your most likely going to get jack. For example, 2 boxes of national treasures will yield 14 cards, meaning that less than half will actually get a card (probably worth $10 bucks) but each slot would cost $30-$40.

In this break, each participant will get 16 cards. That will be a mix of base, refractors and possibly redemptions and auto/manufactured patches.

If you think about it,this is like buying a Finest Blaster.

stusigpi said...


I will allow trading up to 2 days after the break. I hope to have them shipped out within 3-5 days of the break.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a spot, can I pay you closer to the end of the week?

stusigpi said...

No Problem, pay when you can.

Pop Startled said...

Just a thought...did you include shipping/handling costs for yourself? Thanks for handling the case break...did you want some money for the s/h? Thanks, Chuck

stusigpi said...

I included all the costs. Shipping was free on the case. The reason why this break is so cheap is that I am not making any money on it and made the slots as close to the actual costs as I could.

Honestly I have done the math on some of the breaks and the hosts are netting between 50-100 bucks.

Groat said...

I sent payment for a slot. Looking forward to what Topps has in store. Hopefully Gellman is wrong with the whole $100+ Topps = crap equation.

grant said...

My payment was sent and verified, And I dont have a slot left. Grant old scool pack breaker

stusigpi said...

Didn't I put you at slot 13?

grant said...

I'm on there! Right on my first group break I can't wait! what's this $100 + crap equation stuff about? I did'nt see that pos

stusigpi said...

He was referring to Gellman's statement that Topps Sucks at high end. I agree with Gellman's statement.

Some people are trying to sell this stuff at over 100 a box. Yeah, I didn't pay that much, not even close.

The only crap Finest I have run into is the 07-08 Finest Basketball. That stuff is worth as much as the 06-07 basketball after the redemptions expired.

Bay Rat North West said...

Sent payment for 2 spots from oljoe on paypal.
If I don't get the Reds on the break people feel free to contact me about trades.

grant said...

Still room for me to get another slot? Is $100 a hobby box considered high end? I'm just asking I figured High end was like national treasury, sterling an equistite stuff like that.I'm not familiar with the 09 finest yet. Of course I'm just asking beings I just started recolecting recently.Grant old school pack buster

grant said...

We doing theis by teams? I though we it was by slot numbers? Grant

stusigpi said...

Sure, you can buy another slot. It is by slot, not by team. I think bay rat was talking about trading specific cards.

May not be high end, but certainly higher end.

Pop Startled said...

I don't know where we left off trades, but if anyone gets a Hanley Ramirez, I'll trade...

arfmax said...

I'll take a slot, thanks


beardy said...

the one you have listed as "pepitone" is actually a second slot for me, and it's spelled pipitone anyway. at this point, i prefer beardy.

--David said...

If you still have the last slot open, I'll bite. I'll send payment as soon as I know I'll be in! Thanks - Tribecards

Doubleplay said...

I am new to the collecting community and would love take part in a case break, if a spot opens up please let me know and i will gladly fill in.

If this case break is full, I would love to take part in the next one

Charles - bluejayscards

grant said...

Any estimates on when about the break will go live? this is my first group break so I'll need a little on how to check it out Live.I'm looking for mariners cards griffey or Ichiro ETC.. so I'm up for trades on that. Grant old school pack buster