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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage super short print shenanigans

Over at ballcard mania, sorry no link I'm on my iPhone, there is a discussion that there are 7 super sp's. A few have been identified such as thom glavine, stupid, hanley ramirez in a bosox hat, Smoltz in a bosox-braves thing and 3 or so others. There is another one that is alledgedly unidentified.

The kick in the ass is that these are 1. Intentional 2. "errors" 3. So damn rare.

I get that these are an homage to the original set but why do it. These are the most gimmicky of all. The 07 jeter card was stupid but at least you could pull it with ease. The "errors" that were made look terrible. How did Topps decide to do a "thom" card? Third, the cards are way too short printed. I don't mind if there are 1 or 2 different cards but at least make them all one per case. Rare enough to chase common enough to pull.

I have the same problem with the Allen & Ginter case break. The Kos-fu is one per case and may have been inserted late. The nno minis and such just frustrate people. I didn't get even 1.

I think that Topps may have another trick up it's sleeve with the super sp's. One may be blaster or retail only; or certain case dates have different sp's. You might find the last one isn't found until later shipments. I get that the cases are "sold out". But that doesn't mean they are shipped at the same time. Maybe one is going to be found in the "high number" series.

Here is a suggestion to Topps. Cut the current player relics and autos and only include autos of the old guys. That should cut costs and you can then cut the price and thus sell more. I don't care about another brian mccan single color jersey.

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