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Thursday, March 5, 2009

A break from glossy

When I first started this blog, I got a box of 2007 '52 Topps Rookies for $40+ bucks. One thing I really liked about the cards was the gray board and THE NON GLOSSY FINISH. I have come to really dislike the glossy finish for a few reasons. First, the gloss shows every dent and ding. Second, if the cards are packed for more than a few years, the cards stick together and you have to rip them apart, potentially damaging the cards. Third, there is no point to having a glossy finish.

Kudos to you Topps for Murad, Heritage and Mayo. Gray board on Mayo would have been nice. Now, if you would have given Heritage a decent pack out, I might have bought some at release, but I may pick them up later and discounted prices. Instead, we get:
Creased Buy Back Card-Jo!

I stole that pic from Extra Innings Card Blog.


night owl said...

Why oh why do they have to put that stamp on it?

stusigpi said...

Night owl

You pose an interesting question. I bought 16 boxes of 03 Topps football and got 3 buybacks. Two 89 Topps reggie whites and a Steve largent 87 Topps 1000 yard club. Not only were they "stamped" there was a "die" stamp that almost pushed through the card.

The thing is that the cards, especially the largent, were in terrible condition. My point is that these cards may be worth more as a "buyback" because they are in bad condition and thus not worth much. They are destroying an "original"