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Monday, March 30, 2009

Collecting value - Heritage

I have had a couple comments on the Murad break that some people aren't sold on it. I can see why and agree with the assessment, the design is a bit interesting. I do like murad however and when a value comparison is done, it can't be beat. What else is out there for Basketball?

However, value can be good or pretty bad. Consider the 2009 Heritage Break over at Voice of the Collector.

I don't want Rob to take this the wrong way, but I couldn't disagee with his opinion more. Rob States:

"All in all it was a fun box that I would tell anybody to purchase."

First, I am glad Rob enjoyed the box. Second, he paid $79 for the box, ouch. Third, his hits were a bat card of Miguel Tijada and a jersey of Kevin Mench. Wow. I know that Heritage isn't about the hits, but for $79 you would expect a bit more than that. Plus he beat the odds, most of the time you get one relic.

In contrast, I averaged 3.6 hits in my Allen and Ginter Case and almost 3 per box in my Murad case. I also got complete sets out of both cases, whereas Heritage case breaks have been coming up 15 SP's short. And, and the boxes were $25 less.

Again, I am glad Rob enjoyed his box, but Heritage just isn't a good value at all. Which is a shame because I like the set. Sounds like Retail Heritage is the way to go. If you are a Heritage guy, 2008 High Number can be had for $42-$45 if you find a sale.

My ultimate point is, you put out a good product and the price doesn't matter so much. What is value to me, is not to someone else. Why did I keep you hanging? I have no idea. So as I like Murad's price and design, others don't. The trick is to find enough people that find value in your product. Sometimes design is enough as long as the price isn't too excessive. Maybe the manufacturers should give this some thought. The one component I think Heritage misses out on is Execution. Of course, Topps is making money hand over fist on this product, so maybe they executed Heritage just how they wanted to. I'm just not sure if they will get away with this next year.


Captain Canuck said...

I like Heritage.... but I haven't bought a box of it since 2003. Too much $$$ with no chance at a set... not good for a set collector like me.
A&G is tough enough.

stusigpi said...

That's why I don't understand 09 Heritage people. It is a true set collector's set, but it is damn near impossible to put one together. I personally see no upside to it.

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Ben said...

I'm planning on buying a box of Heritage in the next several weeks to see if I can come close to completing the set. I've got about 25% of the set right now (out of only two blasters with no doubles) so one box should go a long way towards finishing it assuming I don't get stuck with a lot of inserts.

I couldn't care less about the hits, so if it's fun to open and I can come close to building the set, it'll be money well spent. Hell, I'd rather get a box full of base cards and no hits.

My goal is to find it locally, and haggle my way down to $65 or so, I'm not paying close to $80, especially for a set with that many short prints. Shouldn't be a problem though, I've never been to a card shop that wouldn't haggle.

stusigpi said...

You might want to look at buying retail Heritage. That might go further. Its possible that you might be able to get a box and a half maybe two for that price.