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Monday, March 9, 2009

DA Cardworld

DA Cardworld is down, at least their site is. According to their blog, their service provider has suffered a power outage so I am unable to price out my first case break for the blog. My cards will be scanned, I wasn't a huge fan of the pictures that were used previously. Scans will also work well as I hope to have all of my cards listed on Ebay by the end of each break.

Possible case breaks:

2007/2008 Finest Basketball
2008 Finest Baseball


2006 Exquisite Football for $966 at PGH Sports Wholesale


2006 National Treasures Case for $1152

I hope to compare at DA before I order, but PGH has had good service in the past.

What Say You?



Pastor Justin said...

Buy the 2006 Exquisite from AtlantaSportsCards.com before the 13th and get 41 packs of 06/07 Upper Deck Hardcourt Hobby Basketball Packs for free as part of the purchase.

Just an idea....that equals a great break of football and basketball cards. (plus the opportunity of some decent Bball autos in LeBron or MJ)

Bay Rat North West said...

I second Justin. That makes it a better deal.
The 2008 Finest baseball is just disappointing. To me at least.