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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fake Peterson Patch?

Anything wrong with this Patch?

I noticed the the GAI label was not foil and that the plastic case seems to be cheap and generic.

The Seller has quite a few fake patches that are sold or for sale. That's why I never buy cards, its not worth it and people will buy anything.

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Fuji said...

i'm not an expert on fake patches... but... whether it's real or not... someone would be crazy to pay $2,200 for any AP auto. the guy is amazing... but he's only been around for 2 seasons... anything can happen. with $2,200, you could go out and get autographs of all of these great rushers: walter payton ($350), jim brown ($75), earl campbell ($40), barry sanders ($85), emmitt smith ($90), ladanian tomlinson ($45), o.j. simpson ($100), gale sayers ($22), eric dickerson ($50), tony dorsett ($40), marion motley ($75), marshall faulk ($25), and bronko nagurski ($499). all of those players put together only add up to $1446 (w/o shipping). btw... the prices are from ebay items w/ buy it now prices. with the leftover money, you could throw in a montana, marino, elway, and favre auto.