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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Future Case Breaks

Screw the boxes, might as well keep going for cases.

What cases under $800 do you want to see busted? I was leaning toward two retail mayo. I want to complete the mini set anyway.

Frankly I don't see much in the way of UD that I want to bust. I was looking at 2007 UD Black, but after watching a couple on Youtube, that's probably not going to happen. Exquisite is a possibility. I though Justin was going to do one, we will see. Icons and heroes are still a bit too much. I like manufactured patches,but not for $100 a box.

National Treasures is a possibility, but that's 900-1300 depending on if you can get one cheap.


JoshSamBob said...

I like baseball only - but the only UD product I'd participate in would be 2008 Heroes.

Black is a great product, and I'm actually collecting a set from it ("Pride of a Nation" auto flag patch cards), but the hits just don't hold up on the secondary market.

Maybe A&G? Finest is a good choice - I'm debating joining your break, I just don't know if I love the format you're doing.

If you like group breaks, I've got a team-randomized Heroes case break over at my blog, Cardaholics Anonymous. Check it out.

stusigpi said...

The list was for my own personal breaks, I would pick different products for group breaks.

Heroes Baseball is an interesting break. I have done 5 boxes personally and a case break would be fun and since prices are down to $530 a case, I may do one in the next year or so.

I chose the format because a person may be excluded from getting hits based solely on the team they draw. In addition, given the number of redemptions in Finest, I couldn't think of another way to adequately assign those.