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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going Forward

I have a long time reader that wants to post his high end case breaks on my blog. I average 240 page loads and 148 unique visitors a day and rather than build his own blog traffic, he wants to use mine.

Here is what you can expect: Not a whole lot of posts. 1 or 2 high end case break per month. The cases will be Finest, Exquisite, SPX, Authentic, Prime Cuts, National Treasures, Ultimate, Premier, etc. Some may not consider some of those to be high end, but its not base by any stretch of the imagination. You can reach him at jschaefercb@yahoo.com.

My understanding is that the first break will take place in early April and will be either 08 Finest Baseball or 07-08 Finest Basketball or both. The redemptions expire April 30.

All cards that you see will be available for trade or sale, Justin is not a collector.

Please email him with any questions or suggestions of casebreaks.

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