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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hi, my name is Joe Collector

and I like Manufactured Letters

Some of you hate the principle of them others collect them. I have stated before that they must be autographed for me to like them, but I was wrong and here is why.

If you are a player collector, how cool is it to be able to spell out the last name of your favorite player autographed or not. Don't get me wrong letters like these that spell out some random phrase that look cheap are just silly. I am not going to try and spell out The Ryan Express, Ryan maybe, Sandberg, Boggs, Gwynn. If Topps is going to try and make that flag fly, they should be one two per box. I mean how much do they cost to make $.50 a buck? Make them Jumbo exclusives. Dropping a Hamilton on a pack should get you something, dropping 12 of them should get you a lot.

Anyway, I am talking about patches like this, this and that. How cool are those from a collector's perspective?

Even the non-auto are nice collectibles but should not be marketed as huge hits by Topps and UD. Also, not every jackass that once sat on a bench should get them. If you must, take the top 10 ERA, Wins, K's, HR's, RBI, Average guys and make those. Even the Yanks should be limited to A-Roid, Jeter, and a couple others at most

The Letters have been overdone by being put into every product or have sticker autos put on them. God those are an abomination.

What do you like or dislike about manufactured Letters?


Wax Heaven said...

Non-auto'd it's not cool at all...

Anonymous said...

What exactly do you do with them once you manage to collect the player's name?

My cards are stored in nine-pocket pages or toploaders; neither is really conducive to displaying a run of cards like that.

stusigpi said...

Put them in Toploaders and then frame them in a cheap frame from Michaels or equivalent craft store.

addiemommy said...

Yeah man, absolutely spot on all of this. But the companies have produced them to a negative. On card Auto'd letters are the only way to go but I think these will be here to stay as long as they bring in a sum online.