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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I want to buy it now, but do you want to sell it now?

By the way, I haven't heard from Justin in a few days.

I told Justin that I would help him with his Quest to secure a case of Exquisite so I got to looking. I zeroed in on this, this and that auction.

For the two 2007 auctions I offered $950. If not what they are actually worth, it is at least a strong offer. No response what so ever. Lets be real here. These cases are obviously not selling at these prices, so are these sellers just waiting for someone to just show up willing to pay a price that no one else will pay?

So the question is: Do any of these sellers really want to sell this stuff? I see it all the time. For example Captain Collect always says that he has the lowest prices. Dude, you are just stupid. He has a box of Gridiron Gear listed for 74.20. Yeah, I guess in his Universe the 65.95 that DA is charging is somehow more than 74.20. I see that the Captain has sold a couple boxes, but how many with inflated BIN prices. He also has Murad for 62.98 a box. Again, here is a BIN auction for a buck or two less even with shipping. You buy more than one and save even more.

Anyway, are the Exquisite cases worth more to the sellers sitting in inventory for months on end so they can maybe, maybe net $20-$50 above my offer or is the $950 worth more to them now? I think this is true with many of the cards that have come out in the past 5 years. Demand has waned significantly, the cases are collecting dust, and the sellers are still paying listing fees on ebay for every cycle the cases don't sell. What's the point? The seller can't unring the bell. Even if a Reggie Bush or a 2007 rookie sees a surge, these exquisite cases are not going to explode in price. The seller is dtill going to realize a loss, so why not realize now instead of later. Especially with more expensive items.

It also seems that some sellers charge a premium for cases. If you are trying to move a case at a time and the boxes are not in high demand, maybe cut a bit of a break. Screw the case hit guarantee, someone is going to get it anyway.

BTW, Anyone want to sell me cases of Finest???

2006 Finest Football $420
2007 Finest Football $480
2008 Finest Football $520

07/08 Finest Basketball $400

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