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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sold Out? Really?

A few days ago i posted the email that I had received from a particular internet seller that said that Topps and UD had gone to a produce to order sales system.

Lately, that same seller has been sending out last call emails on certain products complete with cutoff ordering date. In addition, when blowout sends out emails they will often include a note with each particular product that says "Topps/UD is Sold Out"

A few questions come to mind. 1. Does this include retail or are they sold out of hobby only? 2. Is this based upon orders that buyers are able to return like the old days? You know all those old Topps boxes with big black paint stripes, those are returns and not "sealed cases" by the way. Good chance those boxes have been picked through. 3. Do they sell out of what they have "currently boxes" and then pack out some more? Not print more mind you,just pack out more of what they already have printed.

Something just doesn't seem right.

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