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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sponsorship: Atlanta Sportscards, Blowout, Da Cardworld, and PGH Sportscards

No, I didn't get a sponsorship from any of the above, buy maybe they should consider it.

When I started this blog, I didn't think I would bust as much wax as I have. Around October or November 2008, I was busting a box a day. I also made no secret that I would shamelessly accept sponsorship. Throughtout November, December and January, my readership grew substantially. Not to the level of Wax Heaven or Sportcards Uncensored, but a couple hundred page views a day. Most of the comments and views were directed at my box breaks. In fact, search for 2008 masterpieces and my site is listed ahead of upper deck's.

The question is: Why didn't Atlanta, Blowout, DA, or PGH jump in with a deal of say 50%-60% off up to 3-4 boxes a week to advertise their site? It was obvious I had the cash to do it, the time to get the boxes posted, and did pictures and reviews of everything. I probably would have bought more boxes than that even.

I realize that those sites get lots and lots of traffic on their own, but I think that people hesitate to buy a product that they do not know. Blowout has a forum, but the quality of box breaks are so hit and miss that I often find it annoying to wade through them when I am considering a product.

I'm not saying I "deserve" a sponsorship, but the above companies should consider sponsoring bloggers in a more active fashion.


Ross said...

Its not as high as 50% but I do believe one of those sites if not all will offer you a "sponsorship" discount if you record the box break and post it on YouTube with a banner of the site in the video of course..

Wax Heaven said...

Ross, it's not even close to 50%.

stusigpi said...

I think these major Internet sellers don't quite understand the online collecting community. I'm sure there are many people that wade through the YouTube posts, but I know that I get a ton of hits from google searches from the terms "2008 upper deck masterpieces baseball" and similar.

The blogs get a lot of hits because people know where to find us and the "quality" is consistent for the most part. With YouTube the video breaks are rarely worth watching. In fact, I don't watch them anymore. That's why u settled on posting photos of my breaks. It takes 3 minutes to read the breaks, instead of 10 minutes to watch.

I understand that the resellers don't want to discount a hot product 50% that they are selling hand over fist, but what shot 2007 ultimate? I know DA has/had quite a few cases of the stuff. Offering a case of that to a blogger at a significant discount could renew interest in the product. It certainly couldn't hurt. For example, cases of 2007 ultimate run $630 or so from da. If they offered one to me for $350 as long as I posted their banners everywhere the most da has to lose is the $280 difference. The only reason i use a case as an example is that sometimes you need to make sure that customers see the case hit for there to be any excitement.

On a smaller scale, a box runs $160, if they offered it to a blogger for $100, the most they would lose would be $60. If that break creates a sale or two of any product then the loss if any shrinks. If not, the product continues to be near worthless because you can't sell it and nothing foreseeable is going to change that.

In a real sense, old unsaleable or nearly unsaleable inventory is worthless. This would be a way to at least attempt to sell it.