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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When is a Short Print not really a short print?

I suppose that the cards that are listed as short prints are always technically short prints, but its not quite that simple. Some are more short printier than others. Thus Murad and Allen and Ginter are pretty easy and I didn't find the set difficult to finish. I don't really consider the Murad (12% difference) and Allen and Ginter (20%) to have short prints in the classic sense. Where Masterpieces football ( 51%) baseball (40% difference) and 09 Heritage baseball (27% but with a 10.6% completion rate) are shit for completing sets. The Heritage, Masterpieces Football and Baseball are true Sp's


Topps Murad:

230 cards in the set
200 base set, 201-230 are SP's or are they?
I'll get into the Rookie Variations later.
There are 6 cards, 4 regular, 1 mini and a checklist action card
Bear with me.
4 cards X 24 packs = 96 cards
SP's are 1:3 packs = 8 Sp's
88 base cards and 8 Sp's per box
Rookie variations are 1:6 = 4 Rookie variations per box
84 base cards, 4 Rookie Variations, and 8 Sp's
84/200 = 38.2% of the set per box
4/20 = 20% of the Rookie Variations per box
8/30 = 26.7% of the SP set per box

2008 Topps Allen and Ginter

350 cards
300 base set, 301-350 are Sp's
There are 8 cards, 6 regular, 1 mini and a state card
6 cards X 24 packs = 144
Sp's are 1:2 packs = 12 Sp's
132 base cards and 12 Sp's per box
132/300= 44% of the base set per box
12/50= 24% of the set per box
One Note, in some boxes I got 13 sp's which would be 26% of the set

2008 Masterpieces Baseball

120 cards
90 base set, 91-120 are Sp's
There are 6 cards, 5 regular, 1 framed, auto, Yankee Stupidity, or Jersey
5 cards X 12 packs = 60
Sp's are 1:2 packs = 6 Sp's
54 base cards and 6 Sp's per box
54/90= 60% of the base set per box
6/30= 20% of the sp set per box
Ouch a 20% Sp Rate

2008 Masterpieces Football
I won't go through the math but you get 20% of the rookie SP's and 11.1% of the Time Warps

2008 Heritage Baseball
500 cards
425 base set, 426-500 are Sp's
There are 8 cards, 7 regular (average after inserts and such)
7 cards X 24 packs = 168
Sp's are 1:3 packs = 8 Sp's
160 base cards and 8 Sp's per box
160/425= 37.6% of the base set per box
8/75= 10.6% of the sp set per box
Good god, and this is a set builder's set?


Captain Canuck said...

all I know is that I bought 2 boxes of '08 A&G from two different sources and didn't even get a sniff of a full set. If those SP's aren't tough, then I was wise to not touch those others you mentioned....

stusigpi said...

I am 12 boxes into 08 baseball masterpieces and still 2 cards short. I am 6 boxes into Football and a few cards short, but only because I bought some singles. Murad almost put me at almost 2 full sets including variations and SP's. I might even have two sets of A&G with SP's. I need to check as I sorted those first.

Chris S said...

Please throw in 2008 Goudey, with its 130 short prints that fall like 5-6 per box.