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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Football Pack - Video Break

With my case of Masterpieces, I got a free pack of 2007 Ultimate Football. In a test run to see how my new camera does videos, I decided to give video breaks another shot. THERE IS NO AUDIO. No one wants to listen to me talk.

You might recall my idiocy of a previous ultimate break with a Rice/Higgins Octo jersey and I didn't know you had to take the stupid "certificate of authenticity" out of the sleeve to reveal the second guy. Note to Upper Deck, no certificate necessary for the Hill/Smith Octo. Not exactly a highly counterfeited couple of guys.

I needed the Alex Smith for my set

The Yamon Figures isn't so bad, but why did UD make 1000's of Beck autos. Who the hell is this guy?

Anyway, it is plain to see why this product flopped. It didn't just flop a little, it bombed. There are some nice hits to be had,but for the $300 MSRP, there should be a Quinn, AP, Lynch or someone in every pack.

As I said, this pack was free. Thank the card gods.

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Bay Rat North West said...

Beck was the BYU quarterback drafted by the Dolphins 1st rd two years ago to be the QB of the future.
Didn't work out too well.