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Saturday, April 4, 2009

2008-09 Topps T-51 Murad Box 5 of 12

The Second box without an auto. If you only get one hit in a box, it might as well be George Gervin:



grant said...

So your through 5/12 boxes and already 2 missing a hit? Maybe I should rethink this product the way my luck has been going with redemption and cards that were sent back. Grant

stusigpi said...

Indeed. Although the rest of the boxes had the promised hits and then some. I did very well with the case and if Topps comes through with my autos I will be very happy.

grant said...

t hear the case was good to you! Iv'e been dinking around with some 07' 08' B-Ball and 08' baseball since this prices dropped a little just opened an 08' SP Auth. not a horribe boxthough pulled a Votto @ holms auto jersey R/C and a By the letter Gorzelanny Auto #'d to 50. I woul have loved a griffey or Ichoro card don't know much about Gorzelanny. Actually yesterday I bought 2 blasters of heritage and pulled a Ichiro Black bordered reft. #/60 and an hamel/papelbon #'d to 560 with an Aramis ramirez clubhouse jersey. not bad for a blaster but I'm not sure I'm gonna go with this years heritage. Good luck on your pulls see you at the Finest Break! Grant