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Monday, April 6, 2009

2008-09 Topps T-51 Murad Box 7 of 12 - Topps Jersey Shenanigans

Box 7

I make no secret that I am a huge Lakers fan. I became a fan during the showtime days. In my defense, the only games on tv were Celtics or Lakers with some other teams thrown in once in a while.

So when I pulled a Michael Cooper Jersey Card I was Psyched:
Then while sorting the cards and taking pics for my post I noticed an odd bit of info on the back of the card.
Really? During the 2007 All Star Weekend? You couldn't get an actual game used Michael Cooper Jersey?

Ugh! What the Hell Topps?

The Silk /25

But as a wise man once said

Whenever I feel sad I just stop feeling sad and start feeling awesome instead.
-Barney Stinson

What made me feel Awesome you ask.
A Paul Pierce Auto of Course!


1 comment:

grant said...

Boy you were right, your not doing to bad on these boxes. I have to say, an this is just my opinion that Peirce is one of the nicest baskeball pulls Iv'e seen something about that card caught my immediate attention. It's like that card just comes together perfectly I dunno something about it just makes me drool! It's a SWEET card! congrats, Grant