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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Case Break - If you are from Upper Deck Please Read. The Craziest Case Break You Might Ever See.

And not in a good way. Upper Deck, you are killing me!

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We know how much I love me some Masterpieces. Upper Deck hit a homerun with Baseball, Football, and Hockey, too bad they never put out a Basketball. I love this product. I have almost completed the regular framed parallels from Football, and both years of Baseball. I love it, love it love it.

So when I had a chance to get a case of football at $47 a box shipped, I jumped on it. Plus I got $100 bucks from my CC company because it put me over on points. The case arrived Today, but by the time you read this, it will be Yesterday. I carefully open each box, keeping them in order so I can take pics and post them here a box at a time. I am not going to waste my time doing that with this case. It will be CLEAR why.

I started off in the first box merrily Joe Collectoring away. The Red parallel /199 happened to be in the first pack, and the second. I tood a look and noticed they were both Early D III's. Things could be worse. Then I got a Blue one /150. Then a funny thing happened. NO FRICKIN AUTO!

Then I opened the second box, a silver, silver and blue. AND AGAIN, NO FRICKIN AUTO!

I could go on and on and on. I finally did get ONE AUTO IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING CASE!

I don't want to make it seem like the only numbered parallels I got were Early D's. I got one other one:
Seven of the them /150

Well I haven't shown you any pics of all the Early D's, so maybe I am making this up. Not so fast Mr. Skeptical: Read it and weep!
Green /75
Blue/150 One of them is black, but there are 15 count'em 15 Blue
and the Coup De Gras. The Red. Steady yourself. Easy now,easy:

So what the hell do I do? One auto in the case. Oh yeah, no patches, I did get the jerseys. No other numbered parallels besides those pictured above.


Offy said...

That's ridiculous. I'd mail all of those pictures right off to Upper Deck and see what they say. There's obviously something very wrong with the way that they are packing out their product.

Matt said...

That's the most awe-inspiring thing I think I have ever seen in collecting. And not in a good way. Ho-ly crap.
Good luck getting this cleared up. Keep us posted.

Wax Heaven said...


stusigpi said...

Honestly, I am almost as upset about the parallels as I am no autos. Notice I said almost. I am not sure why the only one I got was a redemption, must be the way they are packed out. I was hoping for a nice red auto case hit. Manning, warner, all day.

Motherscratcher said...


By the middle of the case did you start routing for the Doucets? By then you must have been like "the more ridiculous the better", right?

stusigpi said...

You know, I kinda did.

I knew I was done for on the auto's after the first 3-4 boxes. I wanted to see how many I would get.

In case all of you are wondering. The answer is yes, they are in sequence. I am the proud owner of nos: 171-192 of the red parallels. There are a couple missing in there, but I'm not going to let that curb my enthusiasm.

dayf said...

I can't think of anything witty to say about this. That's just insane.

scubasteve144 said...

Dude that really sucks. Now if it was Ryan or flacco it'd be a different story.

Also, love the reference to the worst translated video game ever!

Alex said...

Maybe you should try to collect all 150 of the Doucets.

stusigpi said...

Looks like Upper Deck will have to come to me if they ever want to do a "buy back".

I thought about it, "The ED III Project", could be an internet sensation to try and collect them all.

FanOfReds said...

That's ridiculous for sure! There's really no good reason for something like that - not only on your part, but what about the poor guy who actually wanted to pull on of those cards...to think they are all hiding in the same case!

The Mojo Hand said...

You got rolled dude! Thats enough toilet paper to wipe A bar full of ass. The sad thing is U.D will send you 25 cards you dont need in return. Your better off keeping them for shits, and giggles.

stusigpi said...

At least I didn't get any Yankee stadium legacy cards.

ernest said...

I remember way back in 1989 Upper Deck had the same problem with their 1989 Baseball High Number boxes. Costco, in Southern California, had gotten a large number of cases and sold them at their stores. Routinely, each box you got had as many as 20 or so of the same card from the high number set. Back then it actually caused a giant buying craze. After all, this was at the height of the card hobby and there were a number of very hot cards in the high number set, so the hobby didn't care. In fact, I would say it was probably a planned event. Your situation, though, is most likely a collation error.

stusigpi said...

No problem at all because jerome Walton, Todd zeile, and a host of others were selling for 10-15 each. I remember having a table at a card show in 89. I was 13 and selling bowman singles for $2-4 and the guy next to me had a case of 89 upper deck. At that time that was unfathomable for me.

Given the production numbers on the red and blue framed parallels, this is without a doubt a massive collation error as I got ~10% of the production of these cards. I actually think it would be cool to own an entire run of a card, but I would rather have a red or blue parallel set.

Billy said...

What do you mean by "Bowman singles for $2-4"? I remember Bowman back in 89 with the long cards, but those packs were cheapos.. Was it single cards you were selling?

stusigpi said...

The single stars, not the commons of course. Griffey was selling $4-6 but I never seemed to pull many of those. Jerome Walton, Canseco, and the stars were going in that range all day long. Packs were .45 if I recall. The guys that grew up with bowman in the 50's couldn't get enough of those.

Billy said...

Yea that makes sense.. $2-4 seems like way too much for the packs.. I remember back then, they didn't have Bowman packs at the stores near my house, but they had them at the store near my uncle's house at the beach, so I'd always grab a pack when they sent me down there for soda/snack or whatever.. I definitely had the Griffey (I think it may have been the father/son card tho), but I have no idea what happened to any of them.