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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2008/09 Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball

Upper Deck has joined topps in extra horrible fold out designs:

Here is the excitement from the selling thingy:

New Feature
Introducing the Career Portfolio Card. Each Card is a 1 of 1 with a unique die-cut and an autograph. Only made for UD Exclusive Spokesmen Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Garnett, and Michael Jordan!

Don't get me wrong I would be psyched to get the Kobe. Let's face it, The Black Mamba is one of the top 10 Players of all time. The problem is, how do you display the damn thing. Maybe having this graded by beckett only for the purposes of the holder would be worth it.

Anyway, here is the break down:
Box Configuration
5 Cards per Pack, 1 Pack per Box, 3 Boxes per Case.

Box Breakdown
On average each box of 2008/09 Exquisite Basketball contains:

1 Autographed Rookie Patch
1 Autographed Card
1 Memorabilia or Autographed Card
1 Base Set Card
1 Additional Autographed, Memorabilia, Parallel, or Base Card
(Of these, One Autographed Rookie Card will be numbered to 225 or less and One Autographed Patch Card will be numbered to 100 or less)

All cards are hard-signed and boxes are hand-collated to assure maximized value!

Player Exclusive Signed Boxes Return! Signed Boxes include only limited numbered cards of that specific player. Only 15 players featuring Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and more!

Maybe when these cases, as well as all Exquisit cases hit $1000, that's the time to buy. You aren't going to get hits like this out of a case of midrange. Most of these cards are case hits for other products.

Maybe my next buying spree will be Exquisite. Nothing this month because of the huge ass tax bill.


Groat said...

Those die-cut folders remind me so much of Topps Sterling. That's an awful, awful thing. Hopefully they can stick to meaningful stats for each of their players. Honestly though, how can you put out a career booklet for a player that hasn't yet finished their career?

stusigpi said...

Well if it was sterling it would say:

KB 1FI - Kobe Bryant 1 Felony Indictment.

Lebron James Mom Money From Agent To Buy Hummer.

MJL 1,000,000 BOG

Michael Jordan Loses 1,000,000 Betting on Golf.

I would rather have 2-3 card sets that fit together to create a pic like the old Topps Movie sticker sets.