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Saturday, April 25, 2009

D-bag Ebay Sellers

I often big on Topps Patch cards with a theme, All-star, Finals, Superbowl, etc.

Topps puts out All-Star Jersey cards in their Update and highlights set. I don't know what the insertion rate is, but they seem to be plentiful. There are some color variations in the regular version, but again are not difficult to come buy.

Topps also produces the patch version. Usually Numbered to /10 or /25. The other day I came upon a CC Sabathia /10. These are very difficult pulls.

I won the thing for 3.25 plus 2.50 shipping. Not too shabby. I paid yesterday or the day before and then received a refund with the following note:

Name: Richie Schnyderite
Email: giants27rb@yahoo.com
Note from Seller: i am sorry my friend ripped the card on accident so it is in no condition to send or collect. Please dont be mad I am really sorry. He's an asshole.

What a dick. What does he mean "ripped the card"? I am not sure what he means is "I didn't get nearly as much as I wanted for this card and I am hoping this guy buys my lame ass story"

I responded:
Can you send me a pic of the damaged card? I may want it anyway.


Needless to say I haven't received a response. I think peopel misunderstand Ebay. You put up an auction and the item sells for the ending price period. No game playing like shill bidding, canceling bids and ending the item just before it ends because you didnt get the price you want, or the shenanigans above.

So should I leave him negative feedback or no?


Captain Canuck said...

definitely. flame him. ring him to tears with your verbage.

Matt said...

Negative feedback and I would also involve ebay in this. It may be a small battle, but it is an important one. There is exactly 0 percent this seller's situation is legit.

the sewingmachineguy said...

Give the dork 3 days to come up with good scans. If he doesn't, negative feedback is warranted.

dayf said...

This happened to me several years ago on Yahoo Auctions. I won a lot of 300 football rookie cards pretty cheap. About ten bucks for the lot including shipping. I got an e-mail from a third party e-mail stating the sellers house burned down and the cards all burned up. I e-mailed the seller and he said, yeah, the cards burned up. Three weeks later a whole bunch of football rookie lots popped up for the same seller. Heh.

William Noetling said...

Absolutely neg ref him and complain to eBay. That's B-S. Happened to me once with a book that I got for a ridiculously cheap price - the guy said his dog ate it. My ass. People like that shouldn't sell on eBay. If you're not willing to let something go for the initial bid, then you don't understand eBay.

Ben said...

I agree, give him a few days to respond. If he doesn't leave negative feedback. Then contact ebay if you get one of those "my mother was in the hospital and I couldn't email you back," kind of stories.

AlbuqwirkE said...

Leave him a negative feedback, notify eBay (not that they care), and be sure to ban him from bidding on your auctions. Force him to use only Craigslist in the future.

Dawnjewels said...

Hold it! I sell jewelry on eBay and every so often something does get damaged before shipment. So don't jump in too quick with that neg and start a flame war.

I'd suggest you request the torn card anyway. I always offer to send the person the damaged item even tho I'm going to give them a refund no matter what.

If he refuses, he's also probably dumb enough to relist the card in a week or so. At that point I'd involve eBay. Then you have irrefutable proof.

stusigpi said...


That is why I requested a pic or a scan of the card, to give him a chance.

This sort of thing has happened a couple times to me. I bought 10 boxes of 92-93 Fleer Ultra Basketball for $7 a box. As soon as I paid, they were magically stolen.

Groat said...

Jeez... First of all, the listing makes it look like an 8-year old is selling you the card. Nearly no description and a horrible picture. He's already got one negative feedback for charging somebody $2.50 to ship a card in a penny sleeve and plain white envelope which showed up damaged. Looks like he doesn't need to be on ebay to begin with.

I'd give him a couple days to pony up a scan of a 'ripped' patch card and then contact ebay. If that doesn't resolve it, give him a negative feedback. I haven't seen one of these cards you're talking about, but most patch cards are WAY too thick to just rip like a base card.

Bobby said...

I would absolutely leave him negative feedback. I have no patience with people that pull this type of action, or those that charge $2.50 for S&H and mail me my card in a PWE with a 42 cent stamp on it, thats immediate bad feedback as well.

White Sox Cards said...

I agree with the consensus so far. Wait a couple days for the seller to provide scans. If that simple request cannot be granted, negative feedback and report him to eBay.

Jason said...

Yep, I'm with everyone else. Negative him and report him to eBay.

grant said...

Yesd report him. I just had this happen yesterday when I was 15 minutes away from winning a hobby of Murad basketball for $41.00 I got a email from ebay expecting to win the item and it was cnacelled according to seller due to the fact it was no longer available to sell? So If I don't like what I get for my last bid I can cancel out of an auction? EBAY wont let me do that IV'e lost $$ on a few sales and could care less becuz It was my dumbass who put them on there in this economy. I don't get it I'm getting tired of ebay latelty. Grant