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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Daily Upper Deck No Customer Service Post

Yup, every day until I actually hear something from them. This could be like the NHL Lockout. No end in sight.


Wax Heaven said...

This is going to get ugly.

stusigpi said...

I am actually shocked that I haven't heard anything. I have always Found them to be responsive When dealing with redemptions and damaged Cards.

Pop Startled said...

Maybe they don't have a good solution for you, thus the silent treatment.

Groat said...

I've also been good about getting answers to my questions within a few days. However, this is kind of insane. You figure they'd want to set things straight right away, but instead they're dragging their feet on a f-up this big.

Captain Canuck said...

it could be that they don't know what to do. If you're missing a hit from a box, great, they send you one. If you have 20 damaged cards from a box, okay, they send 20 cards, maybe a pack or two.
This is a case. And this isn't a damaged card or two. This is something unmistakingly wrong with the way their product is sold.
Perhaps this has set wheels in motion behind the scenes to see what else went wrong before they fix this one incident. They have to be careful before they set a precident like this on such a public scale. Who knows what else they might have to pony up if they just offer up a new case to Jeff.
I think they will take their time on this one.... and maybe, just maybe, eat the PR nightmare and not do anything for fear of what else might have to be done.

stusigpi said...

Your post is well taken, however an email would have been swell.

I don't expect ud to send out a bonanza of cards to me without first verifying the contents of the case. I still have my receipt and UPC's and such. In addition, I don't know if could fine sequentially numbers parallels in different colors formore than one player if they wanted to. I suppose I can't prove the lack of patches or autos, but the collation of parallels would lend credence to my assertion. Plus I buy a ton of product and would probably find something better to claim if that was my intent.

I realize people try to scam ud, Topps and donruss all the
time, but at least ud could try providing some customer service.