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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hi, my name is Joe Collector

and I hate 7 day auctions.

Now I know that your 40 card lot of 2001 topps base cards is a hot property and those extra 4 days that you get from a 3 day auction are going to bring you up from your .49 starting price all to .78, but for the love of god cut it down to 3 days.

First, I know you want your cards to end on a Saturday or a Sunday. Just list them on Wednesday or Thursday night. Actually, try this. List the cards on a Saturday evening or Sunday evening with an ending time of Tuesday or Wednesday an you will be fine. If you search like I do where I go newly listed items first, it really doesn't matter what time they are listed or when they end. But I realize that there are many people that only look at the ending soon auctions. For this reason, your ending price is going to be more dependent on the ending time rather than day. Most ebay buyers are looking 5-7 days a week but they can't look at 2 pm when your auction is ending.

Just have them end AFTER 6PM Pacific Time.