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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hi, my name is Joe Collector

and I hate screw down holder. Listen up kids. The screw down is a horrible storage device, even the math says so. Screw Down + no room for penny sleeve + room to move around + banging corners on holder+ takes up 3 times as much room as a top loader = horrible storage device.

The magnetic holder on the other hand keep your corner nice and point, much like a madonna bra. They do take up room, but they are easy to open. I dont know how many cards I have gotten in screw down cases that are banging around, begging for a toploader. When I go to rescue it, I find a stripped out screw. I then have to pry the damn thing open, breaking the case, careful not to harm the cardboard gold.

Screw down holders do fight the snap case and plastic box as the worst storage option, but the screw down doesn't quite bang the corners like an unprotected card in a snap case. Thanks dillhole ebay seller!

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Groat said...

Depends on the screwdown you use. I've found that some of the cheaper ones do exactly what you describe, but the nicer ones have the recessed corners like you describe in the one-touch magnetic ones. I'm partial to the magnetics myself.