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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I fell off the wagon

and bought a case of 2008 Masterpieces football. The case was 784 - $25 rebate I had with my DA Cardworld account. So $759. I got a free pack of 2007 Ultimate Football and the purchase will put me over my point total that I need to get a 100 check from my CC company. Not too bad.


Captain Canuck said...

you don't just fall off... you leap.

Pop Startled said...

Good luck...other than the patch/auto cards, are there any other case hits with this product?

stusigpi said...

Nothing else, there are /10 red autos that go for $75-100 no other case hits. As a collector these on card auto are nice. If you can hit a manning red or some other star you have made half your case back. I bought this because I am curious as hell about how Many patches and good autos Come out of a case. If I'd would have done two dual hard signed autos a case, these would be $80 a box.